20 March 2008

Top Web hosts and Wordpress themes for Travel

Web host users around the world have engaged in numerous debates regarding the best valued web hosts in the market. The situation reflects the urgency for more transparent guidelines when it comes to selecting one.

In my search for someone’s personal opinion and maybe a list I came across a brief and to the point review on the best options out there. I was lucky to find out the article being recent, updated and getting straight to the point.

The concept belongs to Kausal Sheth, who inspired from his remorse for his host being down one day decided to take action. Our fellow Internet user has a few very good points on what services a good web host should provide pointing out the imperative importance to operate always optimally. He is absolutely right stating that a good host should never be down because of their great importance on various business tasks. The implications caused are definitely to produce stress and confusion to users and operators.

The article extends into offering three top web hosts. The suggestions are good, with adequate information for each web host and his personal selection on one of the three. I found myself agreeing with that selection, though I was a bit disappointed as the list didn’t include Bluehost, although not the top one but definitely a strong candidate.

On top of the editor’s helpful comments and suggestions on the top web host companies out there, I had the opportunity to glaze upon the whole site. What I came across is a very successful site which covers many aspects like travel and news, everyday life, science and an amazing database of wordpress themes, the editor design’s. Very promising work, elaborate and coherent; the editor is impeccable in archiving enabling the user to navigate through a huge database of blog topics and dates with confidence.


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