23 May 2008

Downtown Montreal Hotel - Delta Centre-Ville

Montreal is a city featuring a 21st century’s construction enormity blending with the tender aura of the old city. For romantic couples, tourists or business travellers looking for a convenient Montreal Hotel, Delta Centre-Ville could prove to be a valuable asset.

Delta Centre-Ville’s location, being just on the verge of Montreal citycentre, actually echoes old and new Montreal’s best attributes. In similarly close proximity to vibrant nightlife, cute boutique shops, top-tier world cuisine and Montreal’s famous joie de vivre, lodgers will have no trouble getting anywhere they choose in no time. The convention centre is literally two blocks down the road, making its access - especially with the underground passageway - a 3-minute walk issue, thus ideal for business travellers.

The Montreal Hotel itself tenders a clean and relaxing indoor swimming pool, neighbouring the spa facilities which have been consistently praised from past visitors for the ambience and the value-for-money services. Crowning the Delta Centre-Ville’s ostentatious building from the 30th floor is Montreal’s only revolving rooftop restaurant called Tour de Ville, spoiling dinners with amazing “periscopic” views of the city. The food is of high standard although the price tags do reflect its exclusivity.

The recent parking renovations proved to be vital as the parking fees outside the hotel’s area are rather steep as expected since the hotel is within the city limit.Most probably Delta Centre-Ville’s biggest quality is its location, standing in the boundary of two eras but more importantly within a walking distance to literally everything worthy in Montreal.


22 May 2008

UK Big Immigration

While hundreds of immigrants consider Great Britain as an accessible “promise land” deciding to fly in our beloved island in bulks, its also Britons who emigrate in pursue of better luck or sometimes merely better weather. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released figures showing that more than 200,000 Britons emigrated during 2006, taking the total number between 1997 and 2006 to 1.97 million.

Another 1.58 million foreign nationals residents decided to leave back the always-carry-an-umbrella weather for places where the common “lets go for a few pints after work and then straight for fish and chips or kebab” thing isn’t part of the everyday reality.

So, let us leave numbers do the talking for once more. In the past decade we have 3.5 million UK residents, British nationals and not, running away from the big island while 3.9 million foreigners arrived over the same period.

The Institute for Public Policy Research, a think-tank, has estimated that there are more than 5.5 million British citizens living abroad leaving senior researchers to claim “probably the greatest period of emigration we’ve ever seen”.

What on earth is making our peers flee away from this God blessed place?

20 May 2008

Siam Niramit - the Show of the World

It is said that it's one of the largest world stage productions and it seems all true. The Special Effects based on State-of-Art-Technology makes Siam Niramit one of the most amazing and high rated Shows in the world.

This is a spectacular show of Thai Arts and Culture whose highlight represents five dimensions: beauty, amazement, magnitude, joy and cultural value. Taking place in the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam of Bangkok, the show is the leading event of various spectaculars situated in Bangkok's City Centre.

If though you wish to extend your tour day admiring additional little pieces of Bangkok's local culture you can simply spend the whole evening touring of the model villages or enjoying dinner at one of the 3 on-site restaurants.

By the end of the day you will have realized that you learned the most essential part of the country's history by filling up your mind with memorable pictures of their beautiful customs and traditions.

Olympic Airways for Strike and Delay

Following up global travel news of the past few months one could easily conclude most airlines have a rough sledding trying to maintain their level of operations. The same stands for the Greek national carrier Olympic Airways that goes through troublesome times. OA's regional pilots operating turboprop aircrafts, taking advantage of the upcoming summer period have already caused a big headache to the company’s board and of course passengers.

The past 2 weeks there have been dozens of flight cancelations and even more mergers, which have caused a chaotic scene and tremendous stress. Staff actually implements new mischievous ways of cancelling flights other than the plain old going-on-a-strike-whenever-I-feel-like technique Greeks are so font of. Olympic Airways have already declared the behaviour as on a "blackmail basis" and defend their corporate strategy by presenting numbers showing operations been intact although the carrier operates with 3 aircrafts less than 2007.

Today's scenery with 12 flight cancelations, 2 mergers 5 with huge delays reflects the company's continuous instability started in the beginning of the year when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) judged illegal, cash contributions of 500 million injected to the carrier from the Greek state in 2002-2004. On top of everything else Olympic Airway's revenue has actually decreased on the first two business quarters of 2008 although passenger numbers were increased and the company seems to be fighting a loosing battle with their rivals Aegean Airlines.

Is Olympic Airways following Alitalia’s path of corporate plunge?

19 May 2008

British Airways builds up Customer Service

Troublesome times the whole world is going through, where news for further economic turmoil, wars and natural disasters dominate global news on an everyday basis. British Airways fights what it seems to be finally a winning battle proving to be holding its ground strong in the civil aviation market after reporting a 45% rise in annual profits converting to a sum of £883m in the year 2008.

BA boss Willie Walsh perceived the report as an "outstanding" result though still deeply concerned for economic instability and soaring fuel costs. For those of you numbers draw a clearer picture, the airline's bill for the six million tonnes of jet fuel it uses in an average year was £124m higher in 2008 than the previous year, despite significant hedging and a weaker dollar. Regardless the fact BA’s total operating costs were down 0.7% as a result of lower staff costs, Mr. Walsh, in an upright annual bonus refusal seeks to salvage himself and BA’s status for the opening of Heathrow's Terminal 5.

Attempting to improve customer service efficiency and oust ghosts of the past British Airways announced the director of customer services and director of operations would be leaving the company and a new role will emerge incorporating both responsibilities.

Future does look brighter for British Airways, but are the new measures substantial to provide a ground breaking point in the company's strategy?

Big Fish!

What film does first come in your mind when hearing words like pristine waters, unique animals, remote locations, thousands of wild trout and big fishes?

It's becoming obvious I am talking about the fabulous ''Big Fish''. The only difference here is the true thing behind the whole ''fishing'' story. However, I can't prove my claims unless you experience it for yourself.

The host Bob McKinley is there to guide you to the Tasmanian fishing experience in one of the world famous trout fisheries. He is a professional guide with 30 years experience, fully licensed and accredited member of the Tasmanian guides association.

Fish Wild Tasmania's excellence in guiding and customer service as well as the variety of tailored tours from 1 to 5 days depending on your requirements will surprise you throughout the entire touring experience.

After that, you will have your own fish stories to narrate about ;)

Fish Wild Tasmania

16 May 2008

Oman - a historic land of forts

A high number of historical monuments is certainly what makes a place worth visiting but what about a beautiful country with numerous castles, towers, tombs, archeological sites, natural Wonders and thousands of forts?

Oman is fascinating travelers offering a diversified land of historic ruins, monuments, golden deserts and caggy mountains. Mingle with the natural decoration of exotic and endangered fauna and flora, this city is a true jewel for Arabia.

However, the most interesting part of Oman's history seems to be its forts. There are thousands of them still in existence known as Ql'at which are used as military defensive structures.

It is recommended that a drive with your own private car will help you discover the wonders of Oman as you travel through the sublime beauty of its forts and mountains. Moreover, a taste of the local life at the busy open cattle market as well as the involvement with friendly merchants will make you feel like having lived there for years.

Private Day Tour to the Enchanting Forts of Nizwa

15 May 2008

Kuala Lumpur - a Theme Park for all ages

If you are a big fan of Theme Parks, you can put Kuala Lumpur in the list of your favorite holiday destinations. Counting 9 Theme Parks, Malaysia's capital draws millions of visitors every year who flock to the world famous city to have a great deal of fun.

Some of Kuala Lumpur's most popular Theme Parks are Genting Theme Park, Berjaya Hills, Lost World of Tambun, A'Famosa Water World, Mines Wonderland and the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park which is a massive park covering an area of over 80 acres. Attracting people of all ages, Sunway Lagoon Park has lots of thrills and spills to offer that makes it a fun-filled experience worth to remember.

You will definitely have a great time exploring the Adventure Park's Roller Coaster, the Sky-Flyer and the Flying Carpet. And don't miss taking a walk to the longest pedestrian suspension bridge which is also a must-do in the list.

By the end of the day you will have completed a wonderful and exciting day! :)

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park - Kuala Lumpur

14 May 2008

Could be the paradise...

This is one of the most stunning places a traveler should visit in Australia. It may sound like the right place for alcoholics but the Margaret River Wine Region is far more than just a place to get drunk.

It is truly one of the greatest Australian holiday destinations blessed with a magnificent Mediterranean maritime climate and the 4 seasons to be defined in the corner of Western Australia.

Although there are many tours organized around Margaret River very few of them are offering a complete touring and a good value for money. Bushtucker River & Winery Tour is the most awarded tour in South Western Australia. The Lonely Planet World Guide claims that Bushtucker tours are the best value for money in Australia.

For wine lovers, the Bushtucker Winery Tour includes a great wine appreciation tasting taking place in an ancient 300 year old Karri Forest. You will be offering a variety of 40 wines to try, 7 liquors and ports along with cheese and chocolate tastings of 7 gourmet treats. A proper lunch will follow at a boutique winery including locally produced specialties and other wild foods.

Get ready to enjoy the fine wine tasting along with the Margaret River experience and don't forget to bring a camera for great memories...

Bushtucker River and Winery Tours

13 May 2008

Dubai - The Power of Combination

Drop in Dubai for business? Try not to make the same mistake with those who happen to be there for the same reason as you. Whether it's your first time or you are a regular due to business obligations try to take some time off to discover what is hidden behind this business centre.

Dubai has so much to offer to its visitors that you will eventually realize business conferences are the least attractive in the list. The whole thing is easily organized by the tour experts so you don't need to worry about what to see and where to go. Although one day is never enough to see it all, the tour is tailored to help you get the most out of it.

On your own private City Sightseeing Tour, your English speaking guide will uncover Dubai's secrets while showing you the delights of this amazing city.

You will be taken to Dubai's world famous landmarks, including the wide-known Burj Al Arab Hotel and the incredible Gold Souk. Along the entire tour you will definitely fully admire and appreciate its beauty, mystique and history.

Aren't you really looking forward for your next "business" trip to Dubai?

Private Dubai City Sightseeing Tour - The Golden City

09 May 2008

Feel risky? Night Safari...

Are you afraid of the dark and wild animals? Then this experience is not really tailored for you.

Singapore has a lot to offer and Night Safaris is one of the most desirable experiences among visitors. As soon as the dark is falling in this amazing place, the mystery of the tropical jungle comes to meet the expectations of the most demanding and adventurous visitor.

If this sounds too risky for you, please note that the safety measures taken are very extensive. Riding a tram you will be taken to cover a loop of the Zoo where you can admire animals in great comfort and full safety.

For the adventure lovers, you will have the chance to walk trails where you come face to face with free-flying Malayan Fruit Bats.

A bit challenged?

Singapore Night Safari

08 May 2008


Surfers, may I have your attention please?

I am minutes away from leaving the UK to spend my holidays in Australia. Having said before that I would love to be able to surf on huge waves like a proper surfer I think this is a good chance to take some action on it.

Although I have gathered much information on good Australian schools I want to make sure I will take the most out of my surfing experience. So, your professional opinion or any kind of experience on the field would be more than welcomed.

I have heard the best words about 'Lets Go Surfing' school located in the world-famous Bondi Beach. Fantastic waves, year-round sun, cool beachside vibes and stunning sunbathing models. It's also recommended either for first timers or surf fanatics and their teaching skills are based on high professionalism and friendliness.

Has anyone heard anything about this?