30 April 2009

Holidays in Charming Sardinia

For a perfect holiday in Sardinia, before getting there you should stop and visit CharmingSardinia.com and plan the details of your holiday. Choose your accommodation from a selection of luxury hotels, far from the madding crowd of tourists. Even if you are a fussy traveller, you will find the 3, 4 or 5-star hotel suitable for you. Breakfast on a terrace facing a turquoise sea, private swimming pool and butler at your service are just a few of the luxury services you will find in the luxury hotels of this beautiful location.

If this is not enough for you and you want to be pampered more, choose a spa hotel. Your body will be taken care of, so that you can relax and enjoy your time on the island. The many baby clubs in the area will take care of your children if you have a family holiday. Thalassotherapy, massage and various treatments will make you forget about the stressful working year you had.

For golf players, Sardinia has the best golf courses along sandy beaches, surrounded by green nature: Pevero Golf Club or Tanka Golf Club are only two of the many golf courses in Sardinia.
For some quality time with your family or friends a cruise around the island is the right thing. Cruise around Sardinia on a sailship, a yacht or a catamaran.

At the end of an exciting day in Sardinia, take your time and enjoy a delicious meal or a cup of Italian coffee. CharmingSardinia recommends you a wide range of lounges, bars and restaurants: Aqua Lounge, Antico Caffe 1855, Ristorante Hibiscus or Ristorante Trattoria Balbacana.
You can book online on www.CharmingSardinia.com and they will offer you the best options for your holiday as well as 24/7 on spot assistance.

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28 April 2009

It's Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan

Starting May 2 and ending on May 9, 2009 is the Tulip Time Festival that is celebrated in Holland, Michigan. For this year, they’d be celebrating their 80th year! The Tulip time Festival is indeed a unique and brilliant festival where you’ll see brilliant displays of up to 6 million tulips! Yes, 6 million tulips are used to celebrate this Dutch festival.

By May 1, they would already be kicking off the festival and there will be fireworks display to welcome the Tulip Time Festival. This festival is not just a display of tulips but it will also have 3 amazing parades, some big name entertainers will also be celebrating with you, there will be the Dutch Dance Performers and there are lots of awesome events such as outdoor concerts, Dutch market, some variety shows, music shows, children’s events and many more! It’s a fun festival and you shouldn’t miss it. The Dutch knows the importance of this festival and they make sure they get to have a lot of fun on this week long celebration.

Since it’s their 80th year of celebration, expect a more fun-filled and amazing celebration as it is indeed a special year. They will also be going Green so that’s something that everybody should follow so that we could help save our only planet.

Don’t forget to bring your entire family when you come to celebrate this festival. Mom, dad, and the kids will surely be having an awesome time. Kids have lots of activities to do where they could win awesome prizes and have lots of fun as well.

16 April 2009

Top 3 ski resorts in the world

So you are saying that summer is nearly here, so why do you need to worry about ski resorts? Check out and bookmark for future reference our Global Travel new top 3 ski resorts in the world.

First is Aspen in Colorado. If you are looking for a place to ski with the rich and famous, then this is the place you want to be. This is a place that has terrain for all ski levels and has some of the best accommodations that you are ever going to find at a ski resort (great hotels - Sky Hotel, Hyatt Grand). Although this is a place that is a bit expensive, it is well worth every penny that you pay.

Next head over to San Cassiano and stay at Rosa Alpina or Dolomiti Wellness Hotel situated in Italy. This is one of the world's first ski resorts and it is still going strong. The area does have a very stylish feel to it, and this is what a lot of people want when shelling out money to go on a ski trip. However, if you are looking for the best snow and best slopes, then you can not go wrong here either. That is because these slopes served as host for the 1956 Olympic Games. That gives you an idea of just how great this place is.

Last, but not least, head on over to Mont Tremblant, Quebec. During the winter there is no place in the world that has better snow and better slopes than Canada. This is a skier's paradise, and it has been since back in 1939.

If you are lucky, you will still find some snow in these resorts, so grab your ski gear and enjoy the slopes!

08 April 2009

Start your holiday to Alaska with a cruise

If you are thinking about travelling to Alaska, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you need to find a region of Alaska that you want to go to. Each of the regions provide a different opportunity for you. There are places that are great for hiking and others great for fishing. There are even areas that are perfect for just camping.

You can taste Alaska by going on a cruise there. Thus you will cover more areas and later on you can return to the place you liked the most.

A cruise will provide a flexible schedule that allows you to spend time in each area and you will be happy you chose to do so.

Overall, Alaska is a place that you will just love to visit, and you are sure to come back over and over again. Just keep in mind that Alaska does get very cold in the winter, so most people choose to travel there during the summer.

If you need some ideas of places to visit in Alaska try some of these locations: Anchorage Museum of Art, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and the Independence Mine. These all offer something different but fun to do. Also, do not forget to stop by the zoo in Anchorage as well. Here you are going to find a lot of animals that are native to Alaska, so you will see some animals that you normally would not see at a zoo. However, that is half the fun of going.

07 April 2009

Holiday to Georgia on your mind

When travelling to the United States, or if you already live there, you should know that there are a number of great spots to check out. However, one of the best places you can go is Georgia. It will not be a problem getting to this area since the Atlanta Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is located right in Georgia.

A must see in Georgia is actually located right outside Atlanta, and it is known as The Stone Mountain. Here you can come to see amazing light shows that get thrown up right on the side of the mountain. You an also take a ride all the way to the top in an airlift. While going up the side of the mountain, you will be able to look upon the carvings that are done right into the mountain. You can also choose to walk to the top if you are into hiking.

Next, be sure to visit the famous Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Zoo. People come from all over the world to see the amazing animals that they have in these places.

Of course, you can not leave without stopping by to see soft drink mega giant Coca Cola, which is located right in the Heart of Georgia as well. You can stop in to see the “World of Coca Cola” museum and their headquarters where you can try different drinks that they offer to all parts of the world. Some of which you have heard of before, and some you have not. So it is worth visiting it.

01 April 2009

Win a cruise in Europe

Sail away from the credit crunch aboard River Cloud (or River Cloud II). Enter the competition and you could win a luxury 7-day cruise worth £3,000. The luxury river yachts will take you along European rivers through Holland and Belgium.
As any journey is an experience, this cruise will prove to offer you plenty of experiences. You will visit Amsterdam and its museums, art galleries, gardens and diamond workshops will keep you busy.

Next point on your jouney will be Schiedam and then you can choose to visit Hague. The River Cloud will then take you to Antwerp where you can visit various art galleries and the house where Rubens lived. The organisers of this cruise will offe you an optional excursion in Bruge. The old part of the city is a UNESCO Heritage site and it is worth visiting. Your yacht will take you next day to Gouda which will impres your senses with its Gothic town hall, Renaissance buildings and of course, Gouda cheese which you can sample in the central market place.

Being a roundtrip cruise, you will return to Amsterdam. Take your time to discover more of this city, stroll along its canals or rent some bicycles, enjoy you holiday and the fact that the best cruises in life are free.