26 March 2008

Tasmania - The chance to live on the edge

Tasmania is of those islands that concentrates a lot of diversity into a small piece of land. Home of bays and beaches, rivers and rugged mountains with many preserved historical sites.

About 30 percent of the island is covered with National Parks and reserves and the whole place is considered as a heaven for its wild life. It is said that it has some of the most unspoiled, remote and rugged wilderness areas globally.

Tasmania is also a quiet and peaceful part of the world with old stone cottages and small villages calling up images of places of rural England. Also, based on Australian standards, distances are short and touring is not demanding.

Staring out into the sea on the mild east coast of Tasmania, you can enjoy the beautiful Freycinet Peninsula. This rugged National Park consists of amazing knuckles of granite mountains that are all surrounded by blue bays and golden-white sand beaches. Furthermore, making to enter the park, the Hazards' dramatic peaks welcome you very ''warmly''.

For those who would like to stay close to this magical place, there are lodges on the edge of Freycinet National Park near to Friendly Beaches. The Freycinet Experience that offers this special experience gives you the opportunity to explore Schouten Island, Wineglass Bay, Cooks Beach and Bluestone Bay under the instructions of guides trained in the environmental sciences, history, geography and botany.

The trip is inclusive with meals and drinks, transport within Tasmania, guides with long experience, 3-night twin share accommodation, national park free admission and backpack and waterproof jacket hiring.

Freycinet Experience Walk

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