30 January 2008

British Airways' Double Strike!

Earlier this month, Britain’s favourite airline announced plans to launch a new airline, named “OpenSkies”. British Airway’s new subsidiary airline will start flying in June 2008, with only one aircraft – a Boeing 757 - operating flights from New York to either Paris Charles de Gaulle or Brussels airports.

The new subsidiary airline has been named OpenSkies, and British Airway’s chief executive Willie Walsh explained the reasons for this name choice. “By naming the airline OpenSkies, we are celebrating the first major step in 60 years towards a liberalised US/EU aviation market which means we can fly between any US and EU destination. It also signals our determination to lobby for futher lieralisation in this market when talks between the EU and US take place later this year.”

A second Boeing 757 aircraft is expected to be added to the new airline’s fleet at some point later this year, in order to have at least one aircraft for each European destination – Paris & Brussels. OpenSkies’ long term plan, though, is to operate six Boeing 757’s by the end of 2009.

In the press release, issued by British Airways Plc, and distributed via electronic mail, the company confirmed that OpenSkies’ business calss cabin has 24 seats that convert into 6’ flat beds – an once-upon-a-time luxury that is rapidly becoming a must-have-feature, especially when it comes to long distance flights.

What is more, only days ago, British Airways announced its “London for Free” promotion... –that sounds luring – offering excellent priced World Traveller roundtrip fares and up to two night (one night for those who are travelling on their own) free hotel accommodation in London!

The roundtrip airfares start at $398 from Toronto and Montreal, and at $578 from Calgary and Vancouver. Some of London hotels participating in the “London for Free” promotion are: the Royal National, Central Park, Comfort Inn Kensington, Jurys Inn Chelsea, Marriott Maida Vale and Holiday Inn Regents Park.

27 January 2008

Price comparison, Arabic style

Travel meta search engine Global Travel Market has launched yet another destination site, this time targeting travel in the Middle East. This is not only a first for the region but local travel agents and top industry people have already taken an interest and are actively advertising.

Arabia Travel Market is serving the needs of the Middle East in terms of flights, accommodation and attractions.

Give it a try at arabiatravelmarket.co.uk

26 January 2008

Luxury villas in Italy

Italy has many beautiful and noteworthy locations. Staying at hotels is good and convinient. For real privacy and comfort however you should rent a villa. Whether you are travelling with family or friends, a villa can offer a lot more than a traditional hotel room. Often with the luxury of a private pool you can lounge under the sun all day in the serenity and exclusive company of your loved ones.
For island heaven try rough and scenic Sicily. For fairytale secluded surroundings visit Puglia. If you are after a more exclusive and luxury experience try Sardinia with it's lush villas and hilltop views.

Of course Italy would not be the same place without the Italian Alps and Lakes. The villas there offer great climate and peaceful settings.

For tours and other activities visit Isango Italy.

25 January 2008

Greek beauty all in one place

Recently, I realized that people form faulty ideas of areas and places as a result of channeled information obtained merely by high street posters and banners. In particular, few days ago I had a talk with a good friend who thought that Greece is a country with a 12-month summer time. I couldn't blame her for stupidity as in truth Greece in the UK is promoted as the greatest destination only for summer holidays. However, in Greece there are also brilliant places to suggest for winter escapes...

Last Christmas I spent holidays in a resort called Dasiko Chorio located on the Paggaio mountain in north Greece. Before I got there I had been informed that the place was isolated and surrounded by trees of every kind but at the same time only 6 km distance from the nearest village. Its location is also convenient for travellers as it's only one hour driving from Thessaloniki city where there is also airport available.

I have to admit that the beautiful scenery coupled with the warm and hospitable people who work in the resort were incredible. The wood and stone which all the buildings-including the rooms- were made from, combined with the brilliant view overlooking a large part of lowland and north Aegean sea created a warm atmosphere for all of us. Wishing either to have a hot coffee by the fireplace or enjoy a meal in the traditional restaurant, you will definitely have a really enjoyable and relaxing time.

As a food lover I loved their traditional local cuisine that consisted of a great range of meat dishes like piglet from oven, deer with chestnuts and many other that would please even the most demanding customer. What impressed me more though was that the menu had also a big variety of sea food and fish. On asking how this could happen, as we were climbed about the hight of 700m, the answer came up more obvious than I thought of; The sea was not more than 30 minutes away driving, with the owner of the salet going fishing twice a week.

However, for those who think that they might have had a boring time as the activities up there may be limited to eating, sleeping and enjoying the view, Dasiko Chorio also offers a wide range of outdoor activities like backhorse riding, mountainbiking, trekking and other of your liking.

I also need to point out that in a talk I had with the owner I got surprised when he informed me that local public authorities do not support his big effort to promote the place so as to bring more tourists in the area that would enhance its local development and economy. It's true in all; we don't appreciate what we got...

Nevertheless, if you don't speak greek and you wish to take a look at the site of Dasiko Chorio you will experience some difficulties as the site is still under construction and the information provided is not available in english. You can always have a look at some pictures though;

22 January 2008

Luxurious living in Miami

Miami is considered as one of the most important financial and cultural centres in America and perhaps all over the world. Many people choose to buy a house to live there as they are attracted by the unique architecture that dominates in the area.

In these days also, new-built condos are becoming the new trend for people who look to invest in property to live. Miami beach condos offers a great range of condos with classy architecture and located in trendy and desirable areas. A good example of an ultra-luxurious condonium is Regalia that is planned to be built within 2010 in one of the most desirable beach-front locations in South Florida.

There are plenty of them in luxurious neighbourhoods that obtain a superior design with brilliant architectural attributes and a lot of emphasis on privacy. With the majority of them offering a spectacular view they ensure unlimited freedom and a feel of completeness. The site provides lots of photos of condos showing every detail so as to give you a clear idea of what they claim to offer.

Undoubtedly, these people have something to show to all those who appreciate the superiority in quality living and attention to detail. No effort needs to spare to promote one of the finest lifestyle in the world.


19 January 2008

Denver: all aspects of beauty

For a long time I has been thinking of going on holidays in a place different to the ordinary ones. I was looking for places which combine many things and have different attractions so that I wouldn't get bored after a couple of days.

Searching in the internet and playing with keywords I limited my results in few locations and one of those was Denver. After an offhand research I realized that Denver is a destination which brings beautiful city landmarks- sightseeing, interesting local events, a rich history, a stunning culture and also a great range of restaurants and night bars.

Named as the most educated city in America, Denver is literally exploding with its cultural additions of the new Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the 2007 opening of the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. National Westerns Stock Show adds value to Denver's fabled past as the event's origin stems from Denver's Wild West heritage. In addition to the numerous museums, the city has stunning landmarks such as the Byers-Evans House and the Colorado State Capitol building and as well a deranged nightlife that stays awake up to late to entertain and amuse its visitors.

On the other side, Denver hotels have been developed by people who are aware of all this beauty and thus, they have set high quality standards for them so as to attract all kinds of visitors. Based on reviews and critics, Marriott hotels are by far some of the most prominent ones that approach hospitality responsibly and with respect to the visitor.

Undoubtedly, it's a journey to all aspects of beauty.


16 January 2008

A new Britain now opened up to public

With more of Britons to have less and less available time and money to spend on holidays it is about time to appreciate some new local British beauties.

Recently, public authorities has given priority to opening up footpaths in some of the most beautiful coasts of Britain suggesting some -time and money saving- destinations for weekend holidays. Here are some of your options:

  • Isle of Wight: Over 500 miles of official footpaths, it comprises one of the most densest concentrations in the UK. Additionally, one of the finest parts runs for 14 miles from Yarmouth on the northest of the island, anticlockwise to Brightstone Bay.
  • North Cornwall: A 15-mile walk covers the north Cornish coast with available bus connections. With the path leading to Stepper Point, the view over the Camel estuary is amazing.
  • Llyn Peninsula North Wales: Except for the 47-mile path known as the Edge of Waleswalk as well as the glorious views the visitor can also see birds like stonechats and the rare cough along with birds of prey such as peregrine.
  • Fife Coastal Path: If apart from exceptional scenery you wish to admire wildlife , Fife Coastal Parh is the ideal place to see a range of mammals such as basking sharks, common and bottlenecks dolphins as well as grey seals.
Beautiful places for those who used to put down British localities.

Cash in on the big range of travel offers

The days of choosing holidays destination bearing in mind the rule ''low price- low service, high price-high service'' are over. These days, the average consumer look to go holidays paying a reasonable price in order to receive a good quality service. This perception has dominated people's minds due to the rapid development of businesses in the travel industry.

Companies that specialize in holidays services have no other choice rather than promoting the best service in the best price. Competition is so fierce that the prices they set are flexible in case the customer manages to find the same service offered in a lower price. Accorhotels.com obtain great offers based on this philosophy. In particular, it quarantees the best price once you find the same hotel in a better price with a further price reduction of 10%.

Its offers are referred to all destinations limited by your preferences such as specific sports, relaxing, fun, discover and other. Some of the best destinations promoted by the company with pretty low prices are Munich, Barcelona, Madrid. There are plenty of them with challenging prices; it's up to you to tailor-make your holiday choice.

11 January 2008

Book villas when you travel

Ok, staying at a hotel is very convenient in many ways. Food and drink is usually nearby, your bed is made every morning and the room cleaned. In case you are travelling with many friends though a hotel is not an ideal place. Nobodys room is big enough to fit everyone. As you want to spend a fair time together you might become a nuisance to other guests or simply not feel cosy enough to be yourself.

Locking away yourselves in a villa can be however a very different experience. Most villas feature swimming pools, great scenery and interesting things to see.