23 September 2010

Driving holidays to France

Self driving holidays from the UK to France are highly recommended for experienced tourists. The open road provides easy access to almost any village in the UK while France is well known for their tourist-friendly settings anywhere in the country.

The Picturesque UK
The car hire options are almost unlimited in London so you can get the ideal vehicle for travelling from country to country. From London, tourists can choose any city and village they want to visit. However, the most popular driving destinations are Cornwall, Wales and Cumbria. These areas are well known for their picturesque settings and amazing accommodation.

From the UK to France

There are two options for car travellers to get to France. The first option is by ferry. The second option is through Eurotunnel where your vehicle is taken in the train and you enjoy a short ride to France. In both cases, be sure to bring proper documentation with you for easy entrance to France.

Driving Route in France

The best way to enjoy the road in France is to pick a theme holiday. You can choose to go on a wine tour, cheese, beach tour or just enjoying the surroundings of every town in France. With a theme, you can easily establish a route and learn more about the country at your own pace.