25 March 2008

Enjoy Penang within one day

Malaysia is a country where any visitor feels like having the holiday experience of his dreams. It is a country where the warmth of the welcome exceeds the warmth of its climate and yet, the beaches are among the best in the world.

Besides, a holiday in Malaysia offers the opportunity to experience the exciting blend of city, beach and rainforest along with the lively mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures composing an array of cultural attractions and delicious exotic food.

The place with the reputation as a food paradise is Penang which offers a heady and exotic range of delicious dishes to choose from. George Town, the Penang's state capital is a living historic city with wet markets and bazaars, inner city communities, guilds, traditional trades and retail shops and many other attractions.

Annually, thousands of tourists both foreign and local, visit the huge preservation of treasures in George Town where also they can also enjoy the rich man-made heritage of Penang.

On the other hand, the rich historic past of Penang makes it quite difficult to see and experience all this beauty in limited time. However, there are tours organized in such way so as to make you able to see the highlights of Penang Island in only one day. You can visit the typical Malay village, a Batik Factory, the unique Snake Temple as well as the international jewelry factory. This tour is a very good introduction to stunning Penang.

Grand Penang Tour

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