27 March 2008

Take yourself back in the British History

England is of the countries that make its history seem like a gift of today. Historic places such as castles have been always used as houses by royal families.

While Buckingham Palace is the Queen's main royal home in London, Windsor castle is the official residence of Her Majesty. It is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and its rich history counts almost a thousand years. Covering an area of about five hectares, it contains fabulous State Apartments stuffed with treasures from St George's Chapel, the Royal Collection and also from Queen Mary's Dolls House. Thousands of tourists visit Windsor every year.

Historical tours are scheduled for those who wish to taste some of the history of Windsor and other marvelous British heritage. A historical tour that is popular among tourists who visit England is the one that consists of Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford.

At Stonehenge, you can marvel at spherical formation that has laymen and mystified scientists. There are very few places, these days, which attract so much admiration and awe.

On the other hand, Oxford's literary air touches everyone who comes to visit this magnificent place. Home to one of the most famous Universities in the world, generations of scholars have been inspired by its colleges including authors Lewis Carroll, J. R.R. Tolkein and C. S. Lewis. A guide will take you to see the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bodleian Library and the Christchurch College, the place where Harry Potter was filmed. Later on, you are free to shop and enjoy a coffee at lovely pavement cafes.

What makes this tour differ to the ordinary ones is that you are given a list of activities to choose from in every destination, offering the flexibility to see what you like to see.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford – Historical Tour

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