11 March 2008

Nip Tuck Tourism in Szczecin

The new English travel hot spot is the little town of Szczecin in Poland. The secret was well kept until recently amongst Germans and Danes who both took turns in the past as rulers of the city. Szczecin is not attempting to compete with Prague or Barcelona for beauty and sightseeing, rather it offers cheap dental, beauty and plastic surgery treatment. On that level it competes with any other European destination. The idea is to combine a relaxing city break with some amazing beauty treatments.

Dental clinics like Dentus are immaculate, equiped with the latest technology and most pleasingly staffed by young Polish doctors with excelent english verbal skills. Szczecin also hides little gems like Filozofia Pienka, a boutique beauty salon overlooking the river with soothing ambience and clinical looking treatment rooms. Don't you even dare bring in mind any NHS surgeries, it is an instant sin.

Can this be the spa junky's paradise? It might actually be. Just clear your mind from past experiences and get ready to enter a professional environment of expert beauticians who will charge you 40% of the prices you pay back home.

Since your trip will combine few recreational walks in the city you might find handy few extra tips. Szczecin is rooted deep in the shipbuilding history of central Europe and with obvious communist influences, an obscure scenery is sketched. A scenery of of eastern European tv drama in a baroque background crowned by intense nightlife scene. Traditional Polish delicacies are warm dumplings with very interesting fillings, amazing soups and the great Borscht. When night falls, you 've already turned into a swan from your morning treatments and you feel like partying experiment. Most will find the choices more that satisfying, ranging from huge strobo filled clubs, loud pubs and lounge bars, but locals play the most important role. Very warm and smiley they will welcome you with a shot of vodka, or two, or three, or... Well, just go and check. Ryanair offers great deals which will complement great your value for money choice. Dowidzenia!!


Anonymous said...

Szczecin is 7th biggest city in Poland with population over 400,000 - so calling it 'little town' is major understatement.

I also would suggest to have a quick read about Szczecin history before claiming it was handed out on a plate to Poland after WWII. To best of my knowledge, the Polish claim to Sczecin can be traced back to tenth century.

Anonymous said...

Answering to my ungry pol friend, I feel obliged to say that your mere statement "7th biggest city" undervalues the strength of your statement. I wouldn't go on claiming Bradford or Bristol being what I perceive a big city.

Furthermore, nowhere in my post I imply that it was "handed out on a plate" and I don't even mention WWII. So keep your national frustration and the history lesson for yourself because you need to concentrate better when you read a post.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Think that angel from blog is right. I cannot find a mention of what you said.
400,000 is not a 'big' European city, try 1m+