10 December 2013

Eurostar To Launch London-Amsterdam

Eurostar recently announced that it plans to launch a route from London to Amsterdam.  Though it still needs to be approved by the Dutch Parliament, if all goes well, the proposed service will begin operation in December 2016.

13 November 2013

P&O to launch UK's biggest ever cruise ship, Britannia

If you were ever in doubt that Britannia rules the waves, wait until P&O unveils its new cruise ship, Britannia. The £500m mega ship will be the UK’s biggest when it is delivered in 2015, and at 330 metres long, stood on its end the Britannia would be taller than the Eiffel Tower. And as we’ve come to expect the patriotic megaship, which is owned by a company based in Miami, is being built in Italy. 

30 October 2013

Why Berlin is Europe's most talked about city

Berlin is currently the hottest destination in Europe by quite a stretch. So much that a good deal of the world’s conversation is currently – and has been for some time – devoted to singing the praises of the German capital. Either people just got back and can’t stop raving about it, or they’ve already moved there. Why? Well if you didn’t know already… 

14 October 2013

Baggage handler throws a spanner in the works

It’s bad enough when a baggage handler damages something of value in one of your bags. But this week a Heathrow’s lugger really took the biscuit. One of the baggage attendants working at London’s busiest airport caused a reported £4 million worth of damage – and narrowly avoided a catastrophe – when he threw a spanner in the works. Well, a scanner gun – same thing.

27 September 2013

The inexplicable rise of premium economy

Sometimes you want a little bit extra without paying the world. This is why premium economy exists, to give people a little bit extra. Not a lot, just a tiny bit to make that long haul flight a little less hellish.

02 September 2013

Airline pressured to bump up compensation for passengers

airline compensation

You turn up for your flight, and the airline representative announces the plane is over booked. They’re asking for volunteers to skip this flight in exchange for compensation. How much should you expect?

15 August 2013

Waiting times down at Heathrow airport

You’ve just arrived at Heathrow airport after a long, arduous flight to London, and yet the most stressful part is still ahead: the immigration queue.

30 July 2013

New airline complaint letter a classic of the genre

airline complaint letters

Complaint letters have a greater potential for comedy than most other official correspondence. And airline companies, with their capacity to make life extremely inconvenient for people, are prime targets for a take down. This week a new classic of the genre landed in the inbox of Caribbean airline Liat.

15 July 2013

Tube to take off in 45 minutes at London City Airport?

London City Airport is the only airport which is actually in London, and yet not many people know it even exists. But this is all about to change, if its marketing department gets their way. They’re launching a new campaign to make more people aware that the nearest airport to the centre isn’t Heathrow.

13 June 2013

Travel boosts your sex life

Go travelling and you’re more likely to get laid. That’s the key finding of a recent survey which asked people if they were more likely to have sex with their partner while on their travels.

31 May 2013

The World's Most Popular City in 2013

Ever wondered what the world’s most popular travel destination is? London, New York and Paris all get their fair share of visitors, that’s for sure.

What about the world’s holy destinations which receive floods of religious pilgrims each year, such as Mecca, Jerusalem and the river Gangees? They receive a lot of travellers, but they’re nowhere near the top of the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index.

21 February 2013

Boring and Dull: two towns joined together in tedium

Somebody tell photographer Martin Parr that the town of Boring, Oregon is celebrating its name many years after Parr took a series of amusing photographs of the town and its various Boring attractions. And this time Boring is teaming up with its Scottish counterpart – a village called Dull.