31 March 2008

Smile and cook with Thai people

People call it the "Land of Smiles" and it has become something of a moniker. And although some others consider this as a cliché, it is no less true because of that.

Smiling is a Thai habit exactly as Thai cooking is some of the most delicious food on the planet. In addition, what makes this exceptional is the warm welcome you have wherever you go in Thailand.

If you want to spend a day out of town and see how Thai people live in the outskirts of Bangkok you can participate in the Bangkok Rim and experience for yourself the Thai County cooking and life.

The region the tour will drive you to is primarily farming and known as the Bangkok's "green belt". Over there, you can enjoy cooking Thai food for yourself and prepare your own Thai lunch taken from the local production of the area.

Bangkok Rim- Thai County Life and Cooking

Fall in love with Dublin...

Famous for its literal history, Dublin is Ireland's capital and home to many brilliant writers. From James Joyce to Jonathan Swift and William Butler Yeats, Dublin has been the birthplace for many historical faces.

In Dublin, the visitor can explore both the historical side of the city and the hip, from churches and castles to clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Take part on a hop-on-hop-off Dublin tour and discover the city and its main attractions such as the Dublin Castle, St Patrick's cathedral and the Guinness official merchandise store.

The Dublin tour allows you to have a 24-hour pass for unlimited use of the Hop-on hop-off open top bus tour service. Besides, you are free to hang around the Trinity College and the St Patrick's Cathedral so as to get a glimpse at its English gothic architecture as well as into the history of the greatest cathedral in Ireland.

You can also experience firsthand whiskey-making at the Old Jameson Distillery. The Jameson Bar is there to serve out pure Irish whiskey.

Keep in mind...you don't need to get drunk in order to taste some of Dublin's finest delights.

Dublin Hop-on-Hop-off Tour

30 March 2008

Luxury appartments Magica Venezia

A city that comes under many names, City of Water, City of Bridges, City of Light and a few other maybe not so ostentatious. I am being a bit sarcastic and I shouldn't because Venice is one of my favorite European cities. It is located at the northeast part of Italy expanding over the 110 islands of the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea.

The city is famous rather for its originality (well, there are not a lot of cities with a floating cemetery) and architecture and not its nightlife. Therefore, your accommodation options are quite different than your ordinary European destinations. Of course the city is affluent in small clean hotels, which charge though quite a sum of money regardless of the period. The best option in terms again of originality but also value for money are the various villas , and fantastic apartments available for rent out. Magica Venezia, Apartments for Rent in the centre of Venice, Italy is an agency that
illuminates your options, making your accommodation selection even easier and definitely more glamorous than booking a hotel.

I felt really comfortable viewing the agency's homepage which cleverly offers many language options, showing off a bit the obviously multicultural clientele. So, first impression is great as I it takes you straight to the properties available, which are spread out next to famous sights like the Rialto, Canal Grande and Piazza San Marco. The choices include a selection of luxury apartments on very sensible prices, for all budgets, ranging from £200-£500.

If you fancy waking up in the morning and taking breakfast overlooking Piazza San Marco from an amazing wooden floored terrace I would go for the Correr, offering space for 4 for £320 per night.

The diversity of travellers mentioned above is reflected in the diversity of the appartments available, and Magica Venezia offers services to cover most tastes. Identifying the most suitable is very easy because the online service provides all the necessary means to make it clear and easy, By the way I really liked the handy calendar with the available days for renting. Unfortunately Venice has not many cheap off peak days as the weather is mild and welcoming, don't forget the nickname "City of Light". Even you are caught in a pouring you 'll find shelter in many cafes and restaurants and you might have the chance to see Piazza San Marco flooded seating at your flat. It is definitely amazing, really, I have been there.


28 March 2008

Dreamy floating over Melbourne

Different holiday destinations are popular for different attractions. What draw tourists in some places is their magnificent architecture, good food and wine, while in some other, it's their sport activities and spectaculars.

Melbourne falls in the second category as the Australia's destination with most well-known natural attractions and major sporting venues. The Australian Open Tennis Tournament, the Melbourne Cup and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix are some of the famous sport spectaculars that are held in Melbourne.

Another sport activity that grows in popularity amongst tourists is ballooning. Visiting Melbourne you can enjoy yourself by making a hot-air balloon flight over the wonderful city.

1-hour sunrise flights depart from the Park Hotel of Melbourne. Over there, a short briefing is given by the pilot just before transporting you to the launch site.

Moreover, you have the choice to get involved in the process of launching itself or just relax and take pictures before taking off. Once launching is done, you are ready to float over the Melbourne's sights. After landing, you head back to the Hilton for an incredible champagne breakfast.

Dreamy trip, isn't it?

Global ballooning - Melbourne Sunrise Balloon Flight

Palace of Versailles - A luxury piece of land

Paris always lurks at the back of our minds when thinking of a romantic weekend sneak out in the medieval city of Rococo art, drenched in mature wine, warm bread and foies gras.

While there are seemingly infinite choices of magnificent museums accomodating valuable collections and even more monuments ranging from medieval to neo-classic and baroc to gothic, there are specific few landmarks you should not miss out.

The Palace of Versailles is the one place where you can take a glance at the lavish lifestyle of the French nobleness, walk into the same endless corridors covered by equally endless portraits they were once walking. Under one roof, or maybe 4 that’s how many enormous houses comprise the Château de Versailles, it is all the french grandioze and decadense scented by the rarest parfums.

Louis the XIV is said to have built the famous Palace of Versailles but many historians disagree favoring his predecessor Louis XIII to be the mastermind behind the ingenious planning of the secret pathways and doors. The 75-metre long Hall of Mirrors is awing, even a bit teriffying with 17 massive mirrors showing the monarch in different guises. The room is carrying amazing memories from all the pages of history created between its walls.

The gardens are nearly as stunning as the palace itself adding on to the feeling created inside, mainly by it constructivistic layout and amazingly confusing labyrinth. The marble and bronze statues scattered are designed in formal style as well as the geometrically aligned terraces. Additionally, the fountain show along with the music of one of the brilliant composers from the court of Louis XIV, is even more delightful.

Undoubtedly, Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular historical and architectural sights you must see in France.

Palace of Versailles Trip

27 March 2008

"F" for Fantasea - A Phuket experience

Phuket's nightlife is one of the main attractions of the island. There are dozens of places to party after a long day in the beach, including small beachside bars, Thai style discos and nightclubs, go-go clubs and sedate pubs full of friendly people.

Furthermore, the most popular animal and leisure park in Thailand, Phuket FantaSea, is located in Phuket. It is said that it comprises the ultimate experience in nighttime entertainment in Phuket.

The park is inspired by the rich and exotic heritage of Thailand which not only showcases the beauty and charm of the island but also enriches the local Thai traditions with special effects.

The final result is a massive 140-acre theme complex that offers a multitude of entertainment and activities: A stunning and unusual carnival Village with carnivals in traditional suits, Thai games, handicrafts and shopping. The park is also provided with a 4000-seat restaurant which offers a long buffet of Thai and international cuisine.

The Las Vegas-style theatrical show is enhanced by state-of-the-art technology and revives Thailand's Myth's Magic and Mysteries in a wondrous extravaganza.

Phuket Fantasea

Take yourself back in the British History

England is of the countries that make its history seem like a gift of today. Historic places such as castles have been always used as houses by royal families.

While Buckingham Palace is the Queen's main royal home in London, Windsor castle is the official residence of Her Majesty. It is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and its rich history counts almost a thousand years. Covering an area of about five hectares, it contains fabulous State Apartments stuffed with treasures from St George's Chapel, the Royal Collection and also from Queen Mary's Dolls House. Thousands of tourists visit Windsor every year.

Historical tours are scheduled for those who wish to taste some of the history of Windsor and other marvelous British heritage. A historical tour that is popular among tourists who visit England is the one that consists of Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford.

At Stonehenge, you can marvel at spherical formation that has laymen and mystified scientists. There are very few places, these days, which attract so much admiration and awe.

On the other hand, Oxford's literary air touches everyone who comes to visit this magnificent place. Home to one of the most famous Universities in the world, generations of scholars have been inspired by its colleges including authors Lewis Carroll, J. R.R. Tolkein and C. S. Lewis. A guide will take you to see the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bodleian Library and the Christchurch College, the place where Harry Potter was filmed. Later on, you are free to shop and enjoy a coffee at lovely pavement cafes.

What makes this tour differ to the ordinary ones is that you are given a list of activities to choose from in every destination, offering the flexibility to see what you like to see.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford – Historical Tour

26 March 2008

Tasmania - The chance to live on the edge

Tasmania is of those islands that concentrates a lot of diversity into a small piece of land. Home of bays and beaches, rivers and rugged mountains with many preserved historical sites.

About 30 percent of the island is covered with National Parks and reserves and the whole place is considered as a heaven for its wild life. It is said that it has some of the most unspoiled, remote and rugged wilderness areas globally.

Tasmania is also a quiet and peaceful part of the world with old stone cottages and small villages calling up images of places of rural England. Also, based on Australian standards, distances are short and touring is not demanding.

Staring out into the sea on the mild east coast of Tasmania, you can enjoy the beautiful Freycinet Peninsula. This rugged National Park consists of amazing knuckles of granite mountains that are all surrounded by blue bays and golden-white sand beaches. Furthermore, making to enter the park, the Hazards' dramatic peaks welcome you very ''warmly''.

For those who would like to stay close to this magical place, there are lodges on the edge of Freycinet National Park near to Friendly Beaches. The Freycinet Experience that offers this special experience gives you the opportunity to explore Schouten Island, Wineglass Bay, Cooks Beach and Bluestone Bay under the instructions of guides trained in the environmental sciences, history, geography and botany.

The trip is inclusive with meals and drinks, transport within Tasmania, guides with long experience, 3-night twin share accommodation, national park free admission and backpack and waterproof jacket hiring.

Freycinet Experience Walk

25 March 2008

Heathrow Terminal 5 Knighted by the Queen

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is officially open and ready for business after the Queen “knighted” the £4.3bn project complete in front of an 800 audience and hailed by a 30-strong choir. The terminal has been described as "a 21st Century gateway to Britain" and will begin operating on 27 March, offering extra passenger capacity but not additional flights.

The Queen, who opened the airport's first terminal building – now Terminal 2 – in 1955, seemed delighted the project was complete and loved the "bright, airy space and clean, efficient layout". Transport secretary Ruth Kelly in a try to complement the Queen’s comments, noted Terminal 5 was "destined to become one of London's most iconic transport buildings" and exalted its stunning design and spectacular scale underlining it was one of the greenest airport buildings in the world.
Terminal 5, designed by 2006 Stirling Prize winners Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, was a gigantic project which running since September 2002 employed around 60,000 people doing a total of 100 million man hours. Few obstacles to overcome were diversion of two rivers, constructing what is claimed to be the UK's largest free-standing building and tunneling 13km for rail and baggage links.
But it is not yet complete, as the official opening is of the project's Phase 1, including Terminals 5A and 5B. Phase 2 with Terminal 5C added , is set to open in 2010 and will increase the aircraft stands from 50 to 60.
The question though still remains the same. Are those impressive construction accomplishments, plus two satellite buildings, rail links to London Underground and the Heathrow Express, and a new multi-storey car park going to benefit the passengers. Well, BAA says it will simplify the process of checking in for flights with online check-in, fast baggage dropping facilities and state-of-the-art baggage handling.

Enjoy Penang within one day

Malaysia is a country where any visitor feels like having the holiday experience of his dreams. It is a country where the warmth of the welcome exceeds the warmth of its climate and yet, the beaches are among the best in the world.

Besides, a holiday in Malaysia offers the opportunity to experience the exciting blend of city, beach and rainforest along with the lively mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures composing an array of cultural attractions and delicious exotic food.

The place with the reputation as a food paradise is Penang which offers a heady and exotic range of delicious dishes to choose from. George Town, the Penang's state capital is a living historic city with wet markets and bazaars, inner city communities, guilds, traditional trades and retail shops and many other attractions.

Annually, thousands of tourists both foreign and local, visit the huge preservation of treasures in George Town where also they can also enjoy the rich man-made heritage of Penang.

On the other hand, the rich historic past of Penang makes it quite difficult to see and experience all this beauty in limited time. However, there are tours organized in such way so as to make you able to see the highlights of Penang Island in only one day. You can visit the typical Malay village, a Batik Factory, the unique Snake Temple as well as the international jewelry factory. This tour is a very good introduction to stunning Penang.

Grand Penang Tour

20 March 2008

Top Web hosts and Wordpress themes for Travel

Web host users around the world have engaged in numerous debates regarding the best valued web hosts in the market. The situation reflects the urgency for more transparent guidelines when it comes to selecting one.

In my search for someone’s personal opinion and maybe a list I came across a brief and to the point review on the best options out there. I was lucky to find out the article being recent, updated and getting straight to the point.

The concept belongs to Kausal Sheth, who inspired from his remorse for his host being down one day decided to take action. Our fellow Internet user has a few very good points on what services a good web host should provide pointing out the imperative importance to operate always optimally. He is absolutely right stating that a good host should never be down because of their great importance on various business tasks. The implications caused are definitely to produce stress and confusion to users and operators.

The article extends into offering three top web hosts. The suggestions are good, with adequate information for each web host and his personal selection on one of the three. I found myself agreeing with that selection, though I was a bit disappointed as the list didn’t include Bluehost, although not the top one but definitely a strong candidate.

On top of the editor’s helpful comments and suggestions on the top web host companies out there, I had the opportunity to glaze upon the whole site. What I came across is a very successful site which covers many aspects like travel and news, everyday life, science and an amazing database of wordpress themes, the editor design’s. Very promising work, elaborate and coherent; the editor is impeccable in archiving enabling the user to navigate through a huge database of blog topics and dates with confidence.


Experience ''The Beach'' for yourself

Thailand is the country that draws the most of people who come to visit Southeast Asia. The irresistible combination of inspiring temples, breathtaking natural beauty, robust local traditional dishes, renowned hospitality, and ruins of wonderful ancient kingdoms are what make this place so attractive.

Thailand has hundreds of magical places and beaches you can head to on your holidays. Just picture you lying under the hot sun and floating in one of the most beautiful seas of the world. The beaches on Krabi are there to help you have the time of your life.

Loved di Caprio's famous paradise in the Beach? You can head to Maya Bay on the Phi Phi Lay island and live your own experience. You don't need to worry about your driving skills if you want to enjoy the colorful fish and the delicate coral. Strap on goggles, flippers and snorkel and swim along the fishes in the offshore reefs.

On the other hand Hong Island stands out of the countless Krabi magical places as one of the most stunning islands in the Andaman coast. As you are coming from the sea, the crystal clear water and the limestone formations bring out pictures of a deserted dream island. You can go touring this place by Speedboat which is regarded as a absolute must-do whilst in Krabi.

Krabi by Speedboat

19 March 2008

Sail in the sunset of Darwin

Darwin is a city with Asian as much as Western influences. Having a dozens of nationalities, the Northern Territory's full of life capital is sharing an easy going lifestyle.

The weather in Darwin can explain why this place is strongly recommended for summer holidays. As it is never visited by winter, people who visit Darwin are certain to have a great time full of sun.

Darwin also offers a great range of amenities most of which the visitor expects to see in a much larger city. In a regular weekend market you can enjoy trying a fresh mango smoothie, a delicious jackfruit curry or some crocodile jerky.

One of the must-do things most travellers choose to do in Darwin is sailing. By sailing, visitors can enjoy the light show and the stars of this beautiful city while taking on their evening sparkle. Sailing Adventures NT offer a quiet and personalised sail on a stable ten metre catamaran that sails around Darwin harbour. Tours that are scheduled in the last of the afternoon, capture the glorious sunset before that passing on the cool of the evening.

The company also offers professionally skippered day as well as overnight cruises on the Darwin Harbour. The 10 metre catamaran is able to offer to passengers an intimate and personalised cruise.

When the time to visit Darwin arrive, live the experience of sailing.

Sailing Adventures NT

18 March 2008

CitySights, NY-Luxurious around NYC Attractions

As if New York’s streets aren’t already cramped enough with amazed tourists straining their necks looking up in the skyskrapers, now potential visitors have one more reason to visit it. CitySights NY is a sightseeing tours company enlightening on a daily basis fascinated tourists on the never sleeping NYC Attractions and secrets.

Your journey starts with CitySights' website noticing its simplicity and directness. I found the colour selection of dark blue shades, although coordinated with the company’s colours, a bit hard to read and the homepage appears quite cluttered even to the experienced eye, let along to the middle age tourist from Cologne, Germany. On the other hand, the navigation is quick and to the point. It provides additional options on the left part while in the middle is a product table adequately comprehensive and priced. Moreover, the products offered are many and they cover a bundle of travel activities.

A very interesting narrow banner is what I thought to be the company’s best selling tool. The options banner, invisible as merged with the company’s gif file image, lines up a few of New York’s must see hot spots with direct Wikipedia links.

In terms of services provided CitySights hits bulls eye. Their double-decker coaches offer a deluxe sightseeing experience of most NYC Attractions with the best possible view a wheeled vehicle can provide. The routes include all the city’s neighbourhoods and landmarks known around the world, giving you the additional option to pop away for a lovely day trip to Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia & Amish Country, and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Additional services include airport transfers and tickets to most of New York's Broadway or off-Broadway shows and musicals. If you are one of those daredevils out there loving bit of a thrill, check out your options on a helicopter ride appearing both attractive and good value.

Summing up, CitySights NY provides a very good product line and excellent value in a non sexy packaging. Customer involvement could improve with few simple alterations, the likes of a page facelift and a good list of NYC Attractions, will turn out to be precious generating website traffic. The company's coach fleet is of the latest technology, offering just about everything the demanding tourist may ask for. It comes across though a bit understated; few technical and safety information is always fun.

Well established company with great products, with a good online marketing strategy having a cutting edge in the market.

17 March 2008

Air France-KLM's Alitalia buy out

Good news for Italy, Italians and for all those poor passengers dreading for their luggage every time the travel irony God led them to the inevitable Alitalia's paths or should I say runways. On Sunday, unanimous the Alitalia board accepted Air France-KLM's offer for $1.1 billion, a last minute a move to save the struggling national carrier.

Good news for the country’s status as well, as Air France will relaunch Alitalia after a restructuring plan and maintain the company’s national identity. Air France has announced plans to transform the world’s most unreliable airline into a profitable company by 2009. It sound’s a bit far fetched, but let’s keep our faith up. Alitalia has been losing $1.56 millions a day, and its cash reserves were down to just $439 million at the end of January, loosing 25 percent in a single month.
No wonder why Air France-KLM’s offer, valuing the airline at $216 millions, far less than expected, was accepted by Alitalia’s board. It may have taken them a good 16 hours but I doubt they had the option to turn it down. The Italian government will be selling it's 50 percent share, as well as the stock market regulator and EU competition authorities. After all, Italy’s outgoing leader Romano Prodi has been striving for more than a year to sell Alitalia.

The Franco-Dutch carrier in a display of nobility declared it will pay $946 million for convertible shares. Maybe they can check around in storerooms for my buddy’s suitcase, never refunded or apologised. Well, what goes around comes around Italianos, C'est la vie!

16 March 2008

OpenSkies-BA Premium Transatlantic airline

The new EU-US travel agreement and some great business British Airways minds are the parents of a new airline company promising to becoming very handy. OpenSkies's crue and aircrafts are counting the days until June. The first flight launched will be serving passengers travelling the route between Paris CDG and New York JFK but the company has already declared plans to connect Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Milan with New York as well as other US points.

OpenSkies fleet is using the prestigious and exclusive Boeing 757s fitted with 82 seats, out of which 24 are devoted to business class flat beds, 28 premium economy seats and 30 economy seats. Company's documents are promising service being “premium in nature with a cosmopolitan feel”.
The main idea behind British Airway's "newborn" subsidiary is to cut down many headache causing, necessary evils of civil aviatioin like, such as check-in time and eventually stress levels, lengly security controls and frustative flight environments. Transatlantic travellers are given the option of a air connextion between the US and Continental Europe of premium standards on not so premium prices. I heard even the food will be great, well June isn't far. Let's just wait and see.

14 March 2008

Tunis-Mediterranea's Charm

Tunis glazes upon Europe from the south, just a breath away from Italy, so close you could even swim there. It is has no more than a million habitats creating a loveably messy city, influenced by as many civilizations as the city's colours. It is an ideal destination from March to late May, offering excellent climate with moderate levels of humidity. If you intend to visit in summer the city will be suffocating hot, so you would rather choose one of the seaside resorts of Côtes de Carthage. The hotel offering best value would be the clean and functional Les Ambassadeurs hotel, further info at http://www.hotel-ambassadeurs.com/

Although chaotic, Tunis is easy to navigate with two focal points, dating back more than 1,000 years ago. Medina rises glorious on the west side. It is an amazing labyrinth of twisting alleys, shady pathways, mosques and minarets with foundations laying deep into Muslim tradition for over 1,300 years. The north and east, colonised by the French in the 19th century, demonstrates traits of some European sense of order. Graceful tree arrayed boulevards of Ville Nouvelle surrounded by belle époque style buildings, come in contrast and compliment west Tunis' buzzing sensation of a thousand smells and colours.

If you are into sightseeing the ancient stronghold of Carthage, east of the modern city, oversees Lake Tunis. It worth’s every minute of your time if you visit it dusk or dawn, offering amazing backgrounds and photo opportunities. Second must see destination is the Bardo Museum located in a 13th century palace, in Le Bardo. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the French Muslim influences? Jump on the British-built light railway from the Marine station across the lake to Carthage, passing by outposts coming out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Tunis is affluent of dine and drink options. Café Sidi Chebaane stands proud in its spectacular location overlooking the marina arranged in different levels of the steep cliff, unfortunately no alcohol served. Mint tea is a famous apetizer so shoot off to port La Goulette and walk in the first fish restaurant you fancy.

Unfortunately I am running out of space to carry on writing, unsimilarly to Tunis’ never running out of fantastic things to do. Though, I feel I have given you enough. Book, pack and go; just dress up lightly and keep your women close.

13 March 2008

Ultimate Travel Insurance Guide

There has been a lot of noise recently around travel insurance’s benefits and small prints, even doubts on its actually need. Theory says travel insurance is there to provide you with financial protection if something goes wrong when travelling. Obviously when travelling you don’t have access to National Health Services and sometimes tariffs for covering medical emergencies can be as steep as £50,000 for a heart attack in USA or around £17,000 for a broken leg in Europe. Additionally, there is always the unavoidable prospect of luggage loss or damage.

In the end of the day the decision for or against taking on travel insurance comes down to ones belief everything will go as planned, One way or another, pay offs to contracts ratio is really really, really low. But the threat always lurks, especially with luggage when visiting exotic destinations and accidents when on the so popular ski holidays.

Since you have decided in benefit of your own safety to take on travel insurance at least do it properly, making sure it covers the full length of your holidays and what’s the coverage for any sports or activities you planning to get the thrills of, meaning if you have started doing your stretching for hitting the slopes a contract covering winter sports is essential. Unfortunately insurance companies make it more and more complicated and do expect any claims to be paid off by the company “in their own time”. So in that example, check for mountain rescue and repatriation services as well to avoid disappointment and huge costs – helicopter charges vary from £3000 - £5000 per hour.

Selecting the best deal can prove to become an additional headache, having to choose first a one off deal or an annual. The later will definitely save you time and money if you fall under the spontaneous adventurer category but you have to check again the coverage. Relax, the difficult part is over as selecting a company has become very easy. The market has been so prosperous that Internet comparison services thrive nowadays. Online comparison sites like confused.com, moneysupermarket and kelkoo.co.uk search through the entire insurance market and compare different packages and deals on a user-friendly platform, simple to use even for the most confused fools.

12 March 2008

Live a full on experience in Malta

It is said that Malta calls up thoughts of the George Cross and many historical sights to keep you busy foru more than a month. However, there is much more to this little beauty than just an exciting past.

These days you are likely to hear both about its nightlife and film locations as well as its history and culture. Hollywood sandals and swords epics like Troy, Alexander and Gladiator were all filmed on this island's stunning shores. In addition, famous DJs flock here from all over the world to spin their discs at the up 'n' coming hotspots. But although Malta's image changes fast, what draws people back to this place year after year is its breathtaking beauty.

Thinking of specific places to go in Malta, Bugibba is considered the biggest and brightest place on the island. It might be young compared to the well- known ancient town of St Paul's Bay with difference that Bugibba makes a much greater break away.

When it comes to accommodation, in Bugibba you can find big hotels that think of every slight detail. A great example is Dolmen Resort Hotel which is an excellent base for holidays in Malta. The property offers a 5000 year old temple, a Beach club as well as a casino. Besides, it is located right on the coastline offering plenty of facilities, restaurants and shops.

The New Dolmen Hotel is the ideal resort for all the family, with a great range of facilities enough to keep everyone amused and in some comfort. It is 550m away from the resort centre and about 140m from the restaurants, shops and bus stops.

Furthermore, a variety of features support the hotel such as 6 swimming pools (4 outdoors, 1 indoor, 1 children's pool), a sun terrace, tennis courts, spa wellness centre, diving centre and many other. An a la carte restaurant, a beach restaurant (summer only), a 24h snack bar and a cocktail and wine bar come to add more pleasure to your relaxing experience.

This summer, you can relax and enjoy what Malta has to offer.

11 March 2008

Nip Tuck Tourism in Szczecin

The new English travel hot spot is the little town of Szczecin in Poland. The secret was well kept until recently amongst Germans and Danes who both took turns in the past as rulers of the city. Szczecin is not attempting to compete with Prague or Barcelona for beauty and sightseeing, rather it offers cheap dental, beauty and plastic surgery treatment. On that level it competes with any other European destination. The idea is to combine a relaxing city break with some amazing beauty treatments.

Dental clinics like Dentus are immaculate, equiped with the latest technology and most pleasingly staffed by young Polish doctors with excelent english verbal skills. Szczecin also hides little gems like Filozofia Pienka, a boutique beauty salon overlooking the river with soothing ambience and clinical looking treatment rooms. Don't you even dare bring in mind any NHS surgeries, it is an instant sin.

Can this be the spa junky's paradise? It might actually be. Just clear your mind from past experiences and get ready to enter a professional environment of expert beauticians who will charge you 40% of the prices you pay back home.

Since your trip will combine few recreational walks in the city you might find handy few extra tips. Szczecin is rooted deep in the shipbuilding history of central Europe and with obvious communist influences, an obscure scenery is sketched. A scenery of of eastern European tv drama in a baroque background crowned by intense nightlife scene. Traditional Polish delicacies are warm dumplings with very interesting fillings, amazing soups and the great Borscht. When night falls, you 've already turned into a swan from your morning treatments and you feel like partying experiment. Most will find the choices more that satisfying, ranging from huge strobo filled clubs, loud pubs and lounge bars, but locals play the most important role. Very warm and smiley they will welcome you with a shot of vodka, or two, or three, or... Well, just go and check. Ryanair offers great deals which will complement great your value for money choice. Dowidzenia!!

10 March 2008

Summer plans to be planned

For most people, Spain is one of the ideal holiday's destinations. Scorching summer, an amazing rich culture, incredibly welcoming locals and almost 5000m of coastline are some of the reasons why millions of tourists flock to this holiday heaven every year.

When it comes to specific Spanish holiday's destinations, Ibiza is the place that attracts most visitors as it is popular for its countryside, its traditional Spanish towns, beaches and some of the top night clubs in the world. All the above guarantee a perfect relaxing holiday under the hot sun whether you choose to stay in a villa, a luxury hotel or a budget hotel.

There are plenty of hotels that appeal to different groups of people. A good example of hotel that appeal both couples and families is the Hotel Club Stella Maris Paraiso which although is ideal for family holidays it also has a plenty of activities to offer for everyone. Besides, its activities are supported by 6 tennis courts, water polo pool, football pitch, table tennis, sauna, Jacuzzi and many other.

For an energetic time on Ibiza, this is a popular choice as it is only 300m from the beach and just three miles from the lively resort of San Antonio. As far as its location is concerned, the hotel is located in a quiet park with pine trees and subtropical plants near to the golden beach of Cala Gracio.

For eating and drinking, Club Stella Maris Paraiso serves buffet style meals as well as it is provided with Snack bar, garden bar and air-conditioned disco.

Don't you feel like it's time to start planning your summer holidays?

09 March 2008

BA pilots give us an Easter Break

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) announced to our great delight that British Airways pilots will detain from going on a strike over Easter. However dispute is not resolved over the employment procedures for newly-formed transatlantic subsidiary, BA OpenSkies.

BALPA, representing currently over 3,000 BA pilots and thank god with a sensitive understanding of the certain travel comfusio a strike action would cause over the Easter period, announced: "Our row is not with the travelling public who will have worked hard for their Easter break," said general secretary Jim McAuslan.

So, lets get cracking. Although high pressure weather conditions make our morning wake ups miserable since beginning of March, it will start to warm up beyond mid month with high drifts into the Continent, and Easter should be very warm and sunny, with temps perhaps reaching 21c. That sounds so lovely, its was about time I unpack my favourite t-shirts.

08 March 2008

The ultimate Florida's resorts

Florida, the so-called "Sunshine State", is one of the America's States where visitor can enjoy his sunny holidays.

Holidays in Florida are of great fun for kids with many attractions like Walt Disney, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Discovery Cove plus the numerous attractions of International Drive too. For bargain hunters, Florida is the ideal place for shopping.

Orlando is one of the most famous cities of Florida as it attracts hundreds of visitor every year. In this full of action city there are plenty of beautiful resorts to stay. After, half an hour driving to the north you will come to the real Orlando with its business district, its history and lots of restaurants and bars.

Heading west though, you meet a coastline surrounded by golden beaches. Moving to south, you can find chic Naples and the Evarglades National Park that hosts wild animals such as manatees and crocodiles.

Driving to west, you will definitely have a great time enjoying Miami's life with its Spanish influences and art-deco heritage.

In terms of accommodation, Florida Resorts offer a superb value to the visitor who wishes to get the most of its holidays. CRSHotels is a great example of those resorts offering excellent quality in accommodation with a good record in flexible booking.

They are specializing in working with hotels that are independently owned and managed to offer great value of service, location and amenities. In addition, their hotels they work with, vary in terms of preferences and style such as specialty resorts and boutique hotels. Besides, by offering special deals at selected well-known brand hotels, they achieve a great level of customer satisfaction.

CRSHotels, unlike many online hotel reservation sites, does not require prepayment. Customers pay the hotel directly, according each time to individual hotel's policy of payment. Likewise, when it comes to cancellation fees, the hotel applies its own cancellation policy and no penalty fees are incurred.

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07 March 2008

"I" for Italian Food

While Italian culture is associated most with a tempting slice of pizza and a mass plate of pasta, there is much more in the world of Italian cuisine.

Throughout the regions of Italy, the distinctive Italian cooking shines through in a wide range of eating habits and a selection of local ingredients. Moreover, over the years, Italian food has undergone changes as the meals used to be served in the pre-Roman era have both similarities and differences with the Italian cuisine of today.

Today, moving from north to south, you can see obvious differences in the Italian way of cooking. Each region carries its own traditions in cooking that reflects deep culture and history and a never ending supply of appetizers, main courses and desserts.

People though often wonder where they can find good Italian Food as there are many so-called Italian restaurants that serve out low quality Italian dishes. DITALIA family has set up an online company that specializes in distributing fine Italian Food. The company has been operating for more than 15 years and is now making the next step in providing superb customer service and superior Italian products.

The company can supply the most demanding customer with a wide range of Italian products such as Olive oil, Italian cheese, Salumeria, Sea food, Truffles, Herbs and Spices, Bread, Chocolate and Cakes, Espresso coffee and many other Italian delights.

DITALIA also offers fantastic Tours to Sicily aiming to take you into the true Sicilian food, culture and the land.

Furthermore, it suggests a selection of popular and easy gifts for any occasion. For Italians or not, this is a gift that would please even the most demanding friend.

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06 March 2008

Brussels - Fortress City of Lambic Beer

Back in the 10th Century, Charlemagne's grandson founded the small city of Brussels by river Senne (or Zenne). Due to its excellent geography, enabling trading between France and Cologne, Brussels grew rapidly in size.

Nowadays is a vibrant, fun little city of around 1 million habitats. It has emerged as a developing, cosmopolitan mix of Euro-modernism and Belgian tradition, quite contrary to the grey bureaucratic city, many think of it as.

High-speed trains link Brussels with many European cities and the network expands continuously. Most importantly you can be there in 2 hours from Kings Cross station, London on the Eurostar.

Although cranes do dominate the skyline, Saint Michael remains Brussels' patron and the old city centre remains rebelliously romantic. You will be astonished by the Grand Place - Grote Markt - and the Royal Palace. Spectacular neo-Gothic buildings like the Townhall and the Breadhouse encircle the square, though it isn't the only attraction of the city. The Atomium in Heysel Park and Saint Michael and Gudula's Cathedral will take your breath away while devoted shoppers will love Louise Avenue of lovely traditional buildings, great offers and excellent little bistros.

Brussels is a city with an intense artistic heritage as well, reflected on the museum and exhibition choices. Highly recommended, The Royal Museums of fine arts and the Musical Instrument Museum with some spectacular and most obscure musical exhibits. If you are into nature you should invest a few hours in the Zoology museum and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, finishing your tour in the Botanical Gardens.

Now if you are thirsty from the whole tour and you need to chill out, you are in the right place. The unique wild yeasts of the Senne river valley produce the regional lambic beer. Try the Kriek - infused with morello cherries - and the Belle Vue for a more "masculine aftertaste". à votre santé !

05 March 2008

Paris: first choice for holidays

30 million people visit Paris every year to have a glimpse at the "city of lights" with its interesting history and the rich culture. Located in the River Seine, in north France, Paris has some magnificent monuments and many places of interest to show.

Every year, millions of tourists flock to see the beautiful wonders this city has to offer. Eiffel tower, that is one of the France's most famous landmarks and Paris' tallest structure, is open to public 365 days a year. Besides, the view from over there is simply breathtaking.

You can always enjoy a visit to Paris by doing simple and inexpensive things. Try French baguettes, sip your short blacks and walk everywhere, down the Paris' grand boulevards and then up again its hidden alleyways.

However, if you are of those who want everything to be organized when traveling, you can always participate in a Tour in Paris just to make sure you will not miss anything of this amazing city. Tours in Paris are offered now by Isangoo! with massive options for the visitor. This city is very popular tourist destination and the tours are booked really quickly. You can book early your Paris tour tickets online and avoid disappointment.

Moreover, with Isango! you can always choose between exploring Paris on a bicycle or taking a Paris Seqway Tour while enjoying sounds and sights of this amazing city.

Where pictures say a 1000 words, Isango say the rest!

Car Parking Nightmares for Britons

Finding a space is considered as the most stressful part of car parking. In a UK survey, 48% of respondents highlighted that "knowing where a space is'' would definitely make the process easier and simplier.

Female drivers though, find fitting into spaces harder than their male counterparts and would be much keener if they had someone else to park their car for them.

Very surprisingly, British drivers claim to have excellent car parking memory, with only 1 percent admitting that they always forget where they have parked.

However, there are many options for those who want not to struggle with car parking every single day. A common option is renting a garage or a private parking space on a rolling monthly basis.

Park Let is a marketplace for Garages and Parking Spaces for rent in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and many other UK cities. Rent a Parking Space does not only saves you time but also a considerable amount of money as rental prices are much cheaper than comparable season ticket, local storage companies, or contract parking.

The company offers 10,645 garages and parking spaces currently available for monthly rental.

With a Park Let contract you don't have to worry for parking again.


04 March 2008

The cultural side of Taipei

There are places of scenic and cultural value in China that are a precious and invaluable part of the world's cultural heritage.

Taiwan is one of these places that form the centre of Chinese culture and art. This is obvious from the extensive collection of cultural relics from historic dynasties exhibited in the National Palace Museum. It could also be perfectly illustrated by the folk art and traditional architecture found in Taiwan.

Lin An-Tai Historical Home is a vital example of the architecture preserved in some of the traditional houses in northern Taiwan. This is a traditional Chinese courtyard house and offers an exceptional glimpse into life in China's history.

Visiting Taipei you can go touring at places that are famous for their rich culture such as Lin An Historical Home. Later you can see Pao An temple which is considered one of the Taipei's oldest temples, built 230 years ago. The Tour also includes a walk on Dihua Old Street that is historically symbolic and well-preserved streets in Taipei. Although it is one of the oldest streets in the city, it is still very active to this day.

Taipei Cultural Tour

02 March 2008

London to SKG with Easyjet

Now I know why Easyjet wins, hands down, the airline race. Fast check in, no delays, no waking up for annoying crap sandwiches or bad food for lunch and very helpful staff. Was I dreaming?
For just one third of the normal price I got from London Gatwich to Thessaloniki and back with no problems whatsoever.

Seems that wherever Stelios gets involved things become so much easier.

A few suggestions to the Easyjet team:
  • More food to select from. I found the menu very restrictive. One third of the price to fly means I can afford a full hot meal. Give us choice and we will take it.

  • How about a budget 'business class' type of service? Few people would be very eager to opt in.

  • More leg space please. Not bad for 6 foot 1 but how about the tall folk?

Overall a fantastic experience so cheap and efficient that puts large carriers to shame. Well done!