06 March 2007

Who else wants low cruise rates?

Going on cruises was always perceived as an expensive travel choice that only few can afford. Things have changed considerably though the last 20 years with more affordable packages and a broader section of the public, holidaying on a ship.

Direct Line Cruises offer everything around crusing, from luxury sailings to Bermuda to affordable trips to Hawai, there is something for everyone. The website offers a great selection of destinations for 7 or 14 nights, including special arrangements. There is plenty of information and the availability search is fast enough to keep you interested. The ship reviews and industry news on offer make you feel safer about making the right choice before you part with your money.

The newly added blog is a fantastic addition offering further insight to cruise packages and if you try the comments, the staff will be happy to interact with you.

The only negative about the experience is the website design. The homepage is congested with too much text and the navigation not consistent on every page. Too many bright colors for my liking. Also when looking for availability it is not clear if you found a room or not so some form of confirmation on the page would be very useful.

Don't let this put you off though. There are some fantastic deals on the site, not to be missed. There are regular updates and plenty of availability so give it a go. If you cannot find what you are looking for I suggest emailing the owners.