20 March 2008

Experience ''The Beach'' for yourself

Thailand is the country that draws the most of people who come to visit Southeast Asia. The irresistible combination of inspiring temples, breathtaking natural beauty, robust local traditional dishes, renowned hospitality, and ruins of wonderful ancient kingdoms are what make this place so attractive.

Thailand has hundreds of magical places and beaches you can head to on your holidays. Just picture you lying under the hot sun and floating in one of the most beautiful seas of the world. The beaches on Krabi are there to help you have the time of your life.

Loved di Caprio's famous paradise in the Beach? You can head to Maya Bay on the Phi Phi Lay island and live your own experience. You don't need to worry about your driving skills if you want to enjoy the colorful fish and the delicate coral. Strap on goggles, flippers and snorkel and swim along the fishes in the offshore reefs.

On the other hand Hong Island stands out of the countless Krabi magical places as one of the most stunning islands in the Andaman coast. As you are coming from the sea, the crystal clear water and the limestone formations bring out pictures of a deserted dream island. You can go touring this place by Speedboat which is regarded as a absolute must-do whilst in Krabi.

Krabi by Speedboat

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