18 March 2008

CitySights, NY-Luxurious around NYC Attractions

As if New York’s streets aren’t already cramped enough with amazed tourists straining their necks looking up in the skyskrapers, now potential visitors have one more reason to visit it. CitySights NY is a sightseeing tours company enlightening on a daily basis fascinated tourists on the never sleeping NYC Attractions and secrets.

Your journey starts with CitySights' website noticing its simplicity and directness. I found the colour selection of dark blue shades, although coordinated with the company’s colours, a bit hard to read and the homepage appears quite cluttered even to the experienced eye, let along to the middle age tourist from Cologne, Germany. On the other hand, the navigation is quick and to the point. It provides additional options on the left part while in the middle is a product table adequately comprehensive and priced. Moreover, the products offered are many and they cover a bundle of travel activities.

A very interesting narrow banner is what I thought to be the company’s best selling tool. The options banner, invisible as merged with the company’s gif file image, lines up a few of New York’s must see hot spots with direct Wikipedia links.

In terms of services provided CitySights hits bulls eye. Their double-decker coaches offer a deluxe sightseeing experience of most NYC Attractions with the best possible view a wheeled vehicle can provide. The routes include all the city’s neighbourhoods and landmarks known around the world, giving you the additional option to pop away for a lovely day trip to Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia & Amish Country, and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Additional services include airport transfers and tickets to most of New York's Broadway or off-Broadway shows and musicals. If you are one of those daredevils out there loving bit of a thrill, check out your options on a helicopter ride appearing both attractive and good value.

Summing up, CitySights NY provides a very good product line and excellent value in a non sexy packaging. Customer involvement could improve with few simple alterations, the likes of a page facelift and a good list of NYC Attractions, will turn out to be precious generating website traffic. The company's coach fleet is of the latest technology, offering just about everything the demanding tourist may ask for. It comes across though a bit understated; few technical and safety information is always fun.

Well established company with great products, with a good online marketing strategy having a cutting edge in the market.

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