30 October 2013

Why Berlin is Europe's most talked about city

Berlin is currently the hottest destination in Europe by quite a stretch. So much that a good deal of the world’s conversation is currently – and has been for some time – devoted to singing the praises of the German capital. Either people just got back and can’t stop raving about it, or they’ve already moved there. Why? Well if you didn’t know already… 

14 October 2013

Baggage handler throws a spanner in the works

It’s bad enough when a baggage handler damages something of value in one of your bags. But this week a Heathrow’s lugger really took the biscuit. One of the baggage attendants working at London’s busiest airport caused a reported £4 million worth of damage – and narrowly avoided a catastrophe – when he threw a spanner in the works. Well, a scanner gun – same thing.