30 March 2009

Holidays in San Juan

Staying in San Juan for one day is not enough if you’re looking to enjoy the best of the city. Besides, it took you hours to fly there, so take your time and enjoy the place.

Although it’s only a part of Puerto Rico, San Juan has a variety of districts offering the best of both worlds – the modern amenities to ensure comfort for any traveller but with historical flair that would educate at the same time.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of time travelling in Puerto Rico to get to San Juan. The international airport of Puerto Rico is located in Isla Verde, one of the districts of San Juan. If you love the beach, you might not even get out of this district since numerous resorts are virtually minutes away from the airport. Aside from Isla Verde, the district of El Condado should also have beautiful beaches with family friendly resorts.

But San Juan is more than golden sanded beaches; the city is also an important part of Puerto Rico’s history. Visit the Old San Juan district to see the historical structures that was built during the 1500s. You don’t need to have a tour guide to visit them all. The district is only ten blocks but will transport you to the very early years of Puerto Rico.

Keep in mind that San Juan is a tropical city and a well known tourist destination. Always be on your most comfortable clothing and always wear sun block to avoid exhaustion during your tours. The city is generally affordable especially on guest houses but be sure to reserve in advance to avoid frustration in accommodation.

27 March 2009

Sailing in Marmaris

Mountain slopes and a natural bay is what makes Marmaris special. It’s a resort town on Mediterranean coast but it’s probably the most Europe-influenced place in all of Turkey. Many people come to Marmaris every year to enjoy their lifestyle, a great vacation and of course shopping!

The Marmaris town is the best chosen base for sailing on the Mediterranean and because there are private yachts here, there is the modern marina to cater to them. The place is not all about water, they have an extreme kind of shopping experience here. Extreme because it’s not up for everybody’s liking. If you are patient, despite the touting from vendors, you could actually get good bargains. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a discounted price, if you want it cheap you got to play it hard here.

If you want to buy ceramics, some leather, carpets or jewelry, the Marmaris market would be great for purchasing these at a cheap price. The Carsi Market has over 200 shops and they also have a flea market that’s open every day.

Enjoy the Marmaris nightlife on Bar Street where there are several nightclubs and many bars that open until 4 in the morning. There are beachfront clubs too such as the Vagabundo where you’ll be delighted to see their staffs dancing on their counters.

Marmaris have local and international dishes served on their restaurants. You’ll find different delicacies that are cheap or are quite expensive. It depends on your choice, you’ll find a lot of choices at their restaurants.

25 March 2009

A holiday in Jamaica

Jamaica is not all about reggae but of course it’s a great part of it. There are lots of places to go in Jamaica and what make it a great place to visit is its people. They are such a fun group of people and you’ll surely meet new friends here.

In Jamaica you’ll enjoy their beautiful island paradise and it’s flocked with tourists not just this century but for many centuries! Here you’ll see the most beautiful sunset as it sparks from the sky and is reflected by its crystal clear water and white sandy beach.

Jamaica used to be visited by the privileged before but now you don’t need to be rich and mighty to enjoy Jamaica. The north and west coastlines of the island is flocked by tourists with accommodating yet not so expensive resorts and hotels.

You might think that Jamaica can’t possibly cope up with the millions of tourists but it does. It did not spoil Jamaica despite its commercialization. After all, that’s what people came here for and if they can’t maintain the beauty of the island then people would stop coming and jobs would be scarce.

Unfortunately, the people living in such a rich island are mostly really poor. Without the tourists, most of them would just starve as they have been dependent on these tourists. It’s a good thing that they get their income from their tourism but it can be irritating to the tourists sometimes. Locals can get pushy especially the vendors. And also, there are illegal taxi cabs with no license and tourists usually hate it when drivers insist that they ride with him. There are some crimes too so better keep your valuables safe from those hungry hands.

23 March 2009

Holidays in Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada is the most visited destination in the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, crystal clear waters and fine sandy beaches.

Costa Dorada is a great place for a holiday. Bring your entire family or hang out with your friends in the beach resorts, chill out in a bar by the beach or play golf.

At Tarragona, you’re in for some treats. There you’ll find several historical ruins as well as several museums: the Roman ruins of Tarraco, The Roman Aqueduct and the Gothic cathedral.

What’s great about Costa Dorada is of course its climate. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius during summer while during August it could peak to 34 degrees Celsius. It’s indeed warm here during day.

Costa Dorada is a great place for all tastes: its water or natural parks, beaches, bars or museums will provide a great holiday.

20 March 2009

Let Mozart take you along the Danube

Celebrate the coming of spring in Europe, along the Danube. This spring brings a fresh and irresistible offer for those who want to make the most of Europe with a minimum of effort: a 7-day cruise on the Danube. The departure date is in May and the first port of call is Passau. Along this cruise you will be able to assist to free onboard lectures held by Alan Titchmarsh who is a novelist, broadcaster, journalist and gardener.

The cities you will visit during this cruise are: Passau, Durnstein, Vienna, Budapest and Esztergon in case you would want to leave the rivercruiser Mozart, which is a luxury ship. There will be two gala dinners included in the cruise price, a cocktail party and five shore excursions. The ship provides he perfect environment for relaxation: indoor pool, comfortable cabins, wellness area, spacious decks and sophisticated lounges and bars.

The price of the cruise includes free flights (worth £299) from Birmingham, Manchester or London and airport transfers.

19 March 2009

Arabia Travel Market for the hottest deals

Have you ever thought of having one thousand and one holiday nights? As this kind of holiday would be longer than any gap year in the Gregorian calendar it would be impossible to skip school or work for so much time. Besides just think what the hotel bill would look like.

You can live your fairy-tale holiday in less time, the spirit of your holiday is important. You need one resource for this: Arabia Travel Market. It has all the destinations you can dream of: Dubai, Qatar, Morocco, Egypt or Kuwait. You can travel through the desert, ski in the middle of it or go shopping. Discover history, traditions, culture and people. Mix with the crowds in the bazaars and bargain for quality souvenirs.

Arabia Travel Market brings you the best flight deals, accommodation (from fancy hotels where you have a butler at your service to hostels for backpackers), car hire or guided tours. For example the best fares as per the day of this post start from £205 for a return flight to Tunis and 5 nights in a 5* hotel in the Emirate of Fujairah start from £499.

18 March 2009

Must-see spots in South America

When travelling to South America, there are a number of things you want to check out. After all, there are a ton of great cities in this area and make sure that you hit the best cities first. We are going to talk about the top cities that are a must-see when in South America.

First, head to Rio de Janeiro. This is a wonderful city and it is very historical. For many travellers, this is the highlight of their trip. The good news is that this is a very friendly tourist zone of South America, and it has a lot of great beaches as well. Many people know this area for having the big giant Jesus statue that sits high on Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Next you can head over to La Paz, which is the capital city of Bolivia. This is the highest capital city in the world, and it lies in some very impressive snow capped mountains. The great thing about this place is that is has a great mix of both traditional and modern life. They have a lot of great shops over there and it really is the forgotten city when it comes to tourists. However, if you visit this place, you will see that people are going to start, once again, visiting this forgotten gem and you will meet tourists from various countries.

Another city to visit is Cuzco. Now, this city is famous for its ruins. In fact, it has the Sun Temple, as well as the Lost City of the Incas. This is a great place for people who really want to see the heart of South America.

17 March 2009

Past and present in Hastings

Hastings is a Borough in East Sussex, England. This place had been known for its history that dates back in 1066 with the battle between the Saxons and the Normans. It was at Hastings that King Harold Godwinson was defeated by the duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror. Because of its great history, many tourists go here and see what Hastings is all about and what it can offer today.

Hastings is known for its fishing industry because it does not have a natural harbour. There are old net shops in the Old Town where going there feels like you’re walking back in time. These very old net shops are still being used by fishermen today.

In the Old Town they celebrate the Seafood and Wine Festival as well as the Old Town Week by August. There are several festivals held in Hastings and they celebrate the beer festival and they also have the Hastings week which makes a procession of torches and of beach bonfires and fireworks.

Since it’s well-known for its fishing industry, it’s no question that you can find several marine activities here. There’s the Blue Reef Aquarium as well as the Shipwreck Museum where you can find an awesome display of marine life and the museum displays actual ship wrecks and the artefacts discovered from them.

If you love everything about the sea, visiting Hastings is a must. You’ll enjoy the beach, the lifestyle and the rich history as you can actually walk where the famous explorers and conquerors used to walk back at their time.

It is good to know that every summer there is a festival taking place there: Hastings Beer and Music Festival.

11 March 2009

Holiday in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, a place which is worth visiting. Probably you have this idea that Casablanca is a place where couples go because of its romantic ambiance and all that as depicted in the classic movie with the title “Casablanca” but in fact, there’s nothing too romantic about this place at all. You can compare it to any other city and won’t see anything better in terms of that. So, why was the movie so romantic when the city is not? Probably because Casablanca the movie was not shot in Casablanca at all but in fact, it was just shot in Florida.

However, if you want to visit Casablanca, here's what you can see there: Hassan II Mosque is just one of the city's attractions. If you like the nightlife and shopping then this is a great place to go as well. It’s a typical industrialized and commercialized city but still it can’t compare to the neighbouring city of Marrakesh and Fez but nonetheless, it’s worth checking out to get some good purchases.

If you’re already in Casablanca, go to Place Mohammed V is the centre square of Casablanca and it’s a nice looking architecture which is known as Mauresque and Ain Diab has several nice beach clubs and resorts but you need to have a good budget for your trip here as it can be quite expensive.

09 March 2009

A visit to Shanghai

When talking about great places to travel, there are some which seem to get overshadowed. Sometimes it's nice to think outside the box, and go to a new area. One of the best places to go is Shanghai in China. Not only does Shanghai have a past that goes back almost five thousand years, it's also one of the most modern cities of today. People travel from all over the world to see this city and what it has become.

The city of Shanghai is pretty much divided in half by the Huangpu River. On the west side of that river you are going to find a lot of ancient buildings and temples. You are also going to find a lot of other things that seem to be grand tourist spots. Since a lot of travellers come to this area of Shanghai, it's pretty common to see a lot of luxury hotels there as well.

On the east side of the river, although not as much of a tourist spot, you can see a glimpse of what the future has in store for Shanghai. This area seems to be the financial district of Shanghai and the main catalyst for why the city keeps on growing.

There are tons of landmarks that you have to see when in Shanghai. The first one is the Jin Mao Tower. This pretty much translates into the Golden Prosperity. This tower stands 420.5 meters in the sky and has over 88 stories that the public can visit. Floors 89 - 93 are floors that are not allowed to have visitors.

06 March 2009

Alicante - the place to be

There are many places in the world to visit, but Alicante Spain has to be one of the best. This is a big time tourist area of Spain, and once you get here, you will understand why. There is so much to see and do here that you will have to make many trips to this area to get it all done. Today we are going to talk about some of the things you may want to check out when you are in the area.

First of all, the Santa Barbara Castle is a must see when you are in Alicante. It is an amazing site to see, and it's right next to a beach. The beaches around this area are sandy and soft. Thus, it's the prefect place to relax after a long day of sight seeing. If you can get a hotel by the beach, then you are in luck. It's nice to get a room on the top floor and leave your window open as you sleep. The sounds of the waves will put you out in no time.

While walking the streets of Alicante it is going to be hard to go home empty handed. They have a lot of great souvenir stalls located all over. After all, this is a tourist town. Most people end up leaving with a commemorative plate of General Franco.

When you are done shopping, it will be time to get a bite to eat. There are a ton of great sea front restaurants that you can eat at for under €10. Most of the restaurants in this area serve three course meals, so the price is well worth it. You may even want to visit one of the local Irish pubs to help wash down that nice three course meal.

05 March 2009

Travel to beautiful Italy

“When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie… That’s amore.” Doesn’t this song just remind you of Italy? Or eating pasta and pizza which almost always is linked to Italy? But is all this just what Italy has to offer? Italians may have one of the best food in the world but this beautiful country has a lot more to give other than that.

Italy is one of the best vacation spots in the world especially if you want to immerse yourself with lots of activities and be amazed with its sights or if you simply want to delight yourself with its charm and beauty.

One of the must see or must do activity in this country are its festivals. From the truffles festival to the delightful grape harvest, Italy can amuse you and make your stay one of the most memorable ones.

If you’re a nature lover or if you just love to see enchanting sceneries, visit Italy in the springtime when all the flowers are in bloom. And for sports or adventure lovers, Italy during the winter season is great since you can go snowboarding and skiing or you can just enjoy the view of the Alps while riding the ski lift.

Exploring Italy is best done with your feet and your eyes. Walk around the city and discover cute little shops that hold a different treasure for every individual. Of course your visit wouldn’t be complete without a little shopping trip and since Italy can be a little on the expensive side, your walking will be quite beneficial as you may stumble upon a couple of street markets where you can bargain for some souvenirs.

Italy is a great destination place for you and your family. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even pick up a few Italian words to impress your friends when you get back from your wonderful trip.

04 March 2009

Yachting in St. Lucia

When it comes to a vacation in the Caribbean, there is only one place that should come to mind. This is, of course, St. Lucia. This is a very popular spot that is full of all kinds of resorts and luxury villas. The main thing to note about St. Lucia is that there are a lot of activities that you can take part in on this island. Not only that, but this seems to be one of the cheaper places to visit in the Caribbean.

Before we get into the activities that you will want to check out, we have to talk about all the things there are to do in the city. First of all, they have a lot of restaurants and shops to visit. Most of these places are located pretty close to all the best resorts. Inside the resorts you are going to find all the things that you need to enjoy your vacation, including a pool and a babysitter. St. Lucia is one of the few places that can actually cater to everyone's needs.

Now, the main reason why people travel all the way to St. Lucia is not for the great hotels, but for all the great stuff you can do here. Some of the best things that you can do involve being in the water or at least out on the water. Deep sea fishing is a big sport here, as well as diving and yachting. For other people, the night life is what brings them to this area. Here you can find all the best clubs and all the best bands. There is no lack of great things to do in St. Lucia after the sun sets.

03 March 2009

Aim high: holiday in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world but many tourists go here every year because this is where you will find the famous Mt. Everest. It’s one of the ultimate dream of a mountain climber to climb this famous and deadly icy mountain. Many have died here but many have reached the highest part of the world successfully and made it all the way down as well.

Believe it or not, the people here are living and surviving at just $2 per day wages. Yes, that’s just $2 per day and over 80% of the population here only earns that much. Think about relocating here after retirement? Your money will definitely go a long way!

You can enjoy their lifestyle and traditions here. Their culture is fascinating and you’d be amazed at how friendly their locals are. They will treat you like family and they’d even offer you their finest because you are considered as a guest even if they don’t really have a clue who you are.

As of the moment, travelling to Nepal is a bit risky. There is even a travel warning from the Department of State in the U.S. because of the security situation in Nepal. It is best to let the commotion cease first before you decide on visiting Nepal or climbing the Mt. Everest.

But whenever you get to visit Nepal, you’ll be amazed at their picturesque destinations here such as Pokhara where you can enjoy the beautiful Mountain View as well as the beautiful lakeside view. It’s peaceful here and you can also have some trekking expeditions here as well.