24 June 2011

Pardon My French but are you naked?

While many resorts have nudist beaches, the town of Agde takes it one step further as the entire town bares all as they shop, eat and even get their hair cut.
French seaside resort Cap d’Agde is a small and self-contained area. The town has around 40,000 inhabitants and lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was developed in the 70’s and has several different types of accommodations including; apartments, campgrounds, villas and a hotel. The area doesn’t just accept nakedness though; it actually discriminates against those that wear clothes. If you are caught walking along the street wearing something police have been known to ask people to take the garments off!
For those that want to wear clothes at least some of the time, the town has a “texture section”. This little neighbourhood allows guests to wear underwear if they chose. The town does allow people to wear necklaces as part of eveningwear and a towel when they sit on chairs but overall you are expected to wear your birthday suit.
Being nude while lying on the beach or shopping may seem a little out of place from the norm but could still be tolerated by many people. However only pure naturalists would want Nude Golf at ”La Jenny Naturist Course”, the world’s only fully nude golf course. As with the town the golf course doesn’t just promote nakedness it actually stops people with clothes from playing.
The town is perfect for those that like to travel light although we would recommend that you visit the area during the summer, their winter may be a little on the cold side.

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Tim Holton said...

This is the strangest thing I have read all day and takes nudist beaches to a new level. A place where you can be fined if you wear clothes! I hope everybody is young otherwise it might not be a place with a great view :s