06 July 2011

Finding the Unusual Attractions in Milan

Any Italian city and town will always have something unique and interesting to offer to tourists and Milan is not an exception. There are unique activities and attractions tourists should consider not only to learn more about the country’s culture but also to observe something different. These attractions are also educational since they provide a different picture about the locals and culture in Milan.

Visiting the Crypt of S. Giovanni in Conca
The Crypt of S. Giovanni in Conca is one of the easiest to find, yet highly unique attractions in the city. The crypt is right in the heart of the city and found near the bus intersection. Tourists who are not aware of its historical significance will not immediately recognize it because only a wall stands today with the crypt inside. Tourists should be able to see different types of writings, inscriptions and statues in the walls of the crypt.

Enjoying the Markets in Milan
There are at least ten markets in Milan tourists and locals can enjoy every week. These markets organize themselves so that they come together for one day to sell their produce and products. It’s the best place to look for souvenirs or purchase some ingredients if you’re looking to try some fresh meat from farmers outside Milan.

Taking a Stroll through Piazzale Cadorna
Take your time to take a closer look at the city square right in front of Cardorna station. Aside from enjoying the scenery of the city, you can also learn more about Milan as it’s represented by a sculpture of a knot and a needle. According to the sculptures, the knot and needle represent the industriousness of Milan locals.

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