29 April 2011

Travelling in Devon

Devon is one of the largest counties in West England and well known for its resorts. Tourists often visit different towns of Devon during the summer to enjoy the pristine waters or to simply enjoy the natural surrounding. It is a very popular county because most (if not all) beaches in Devon feature seas perfect for any type of sports. Bideford Bay is a very popular destination for surfers and the beaches of Woolacombe, Croyde and Staunton also share the same popularity among adventure seekers.

Travelling to Devon
The easiest way to reach Devon is through train and air. There are numerous train stations in different towns in Devon so tourists can easily reach their destination with very little effort. By air, tourists can come in through Exeter International if they are coming from other countries or through Plymouth City Airport for local travel or smaller aircrafts.
Renting a car or traveling by bus is also a good option. However, the popularity of Devon can dramatically increase traffic congestion. Renting a car could even cause additional problems during peak season because of the expensive parking fees and limit in parking spaces.

Visiting Different Towns and Nearby Counties in Devon
Most of the resort towns in Devon are highly accessible because it will only require a single bus ride to reach the destinations. While staying in the resort town, renting a bike is a good option because of the numerous bicycle lanes. Walking is also a good option especially when enjoying the beach.

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