29 February 2008

Walk in Sydney's sky

It's not to wonder why Australia is consistently voted the best holiday destination in the world as well as the place people would most love to go.

Australia offers the perfect getaway for those seeking winter sun. The beaches all over Australia are world famous and popular amongst surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Sydney, Australia's oldest and sunniest city, is built around a series of natural bays and beaches culminating to Sydney Cove. The city also seems to cruise effortlessly through days and nights filled with numerous entertainment opportunities, memorable museums, sophisticated shopping and strings of beautiful beaches.

Additionally, for adventurous visitors, Sydney Skywalk is Sydney's newest outdoor viewing adventure. From the roof of Sydney you can enjoy open air 360-degree views of Sydney. While the glass-floored platform is moving at heights double that of the Sydney harbour bridge, you can view glittering Sydney beneath your feet from a new perspective. You can even face Sydney like never before by daring to step out over the edge.

Experts Skywalk guides accompany you while you are taking pictures and also provide you with commentary ensuring that the Sydney Skywalk will be the hotspot of your Sydney visit.

From Sydney's wonderful golden beaches to the famous Blue Mountains, Skywalk is a thrilling 'must-do' experience for every visitor.

Sydney Skywalk

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