15 February 2008

Romantic getaways!

Nothing can put people in the mood for love like travel. There are places in the world where romance is not just promised; it's guaranteed.

Two of them are suggested here:

Romance and Paris go hand in hand. Paris is a stunning European city and one visit is never enough. There is a personality, quiet sophistication and flair in this city and the rest of France that can't be found in any other major city in the world.

Getting around Paris is easy as accommodation is plentiful and prices relatively low. Regarding French cuisine, French dishes are really famous not only amongst European people but worldwide as well. On the other hand, culture, history and attractions are overwhelming for many travellers who visit Paris for their first time.

Additionally, although summers are quite sunny in Paris, the best time to visit it is either in the late spring or in the early fall. However, many people choose Paris for winter holidays that although rainy and cold, it's a great romantic time to visit Paris.

Venice: This city is one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. Even though it's slowly sinking into Adriatic Sea, it will capture your heart from the very first moment like no other city in the Europe. The romance brought by this ancient port city of centuries old buildings, canals and bridges will make your romantic Italian holidays unforgettable.

However, it's needless to say that whether you can go romantic holidays or not, if your loved one really loves you, he or she would be happy even with just wedding favors :)

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