16 January 2008

A new Britain now opened up to public

With more of Britons to have less and less available time and money to spend on holidays it is about time to appreciate some new local British beauties.

Recently, public authorities has given priority to opening up footpaths in some of the most beautiful coasts of Britain suggesting some -time and money saving- destinations for weekend holidays. Here are some of your options:

  • Isle of Wight: Over 500 miles of official footpaths, it comprises one of the most densest concentrations in the UK. Additionally, one of the finest parts runs for 14 miles from Yarmouth on the northest of the island, anticlockwise to Brightstone Bay.
  • North Cornwall: A 15-mile walk covers the north Cornish coast with available bus connections. With the path leading to Stepper Point, the view over the Camel estuary is amazing.
  • Llyn Peninsula North Wales: Except for the 47-mile path known as the Edge of Waleswalk as well as the glorious views the visitor can also see birds like stonechats and the rare cough along with birds of prey such as peregrine.
  • Fife Coastal Path: If apart from exceptional scenery you wish to admire wildlife , Fife Coastal Parh is the ideal place to see a range of mammals such as basking sharks, common and bottlenecks dolphins as well as grey seals.
Beautiful places for those who used to put down British localities.

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