19 January 2008

Denver: all aspects of beauty

For a long time I has been thinking of going on holidays in a place different to the ordinary ones. I was looking for places which combine many things and have different attractions so that I wouldn't get bored after a couple of days.

Searching in the internet and playing with keywords I limited my results in few locations and one of those was Denver. After an offhand research I realized that Denver is a destination which brings beautiful city landmarks- sightseeing, interesting local events, a rich history, a stunning culture and also a great range of restaurants and night bars.

Named as the most educated city in America, Denver is literally exploding with its cultural additions of the new Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the 2007 opening of the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. National Westerns Stock Show adds value to Denver's fabled past as the event's origin stems from Denver's Wild West heritage. In addition to the numerous museums, the city has stunning landmarks such as the Byers-Evans House and the Colorado State Capitol building and as well a deranged nightlife that stays awake up to late to entertain and amuse its visitors.

On the other side, Denver hotels have been developed by people who are aware of all this beauty and thus, they have set high quality standards for them so as to attract all kinds of visitors. Based on reviews and critics, Marriott hotels are by far some of the most prominent ones that approach hospitality responsibly and with respect to the visitor.

Undoubtedly, it's a journey to all aspects of beauty.


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