03 September 2012

Quirky Hoilday Ideas - Giethoorn

In the middle of Holland lies a small town called Giethoorn. It’s a small and quiet village that boasts stunning scenery and a peacefulness that you won’t find in many other places. The thing that makes this such a quirky place to visit is the fact that Giethoorn has no roads.

Well, nearly no roads at any rate. There are some basic main roads so tourists and residents can arrive/leave and get supplies but for the most part the town gets around by boat. Based by Molengat lake, Residents have built their houses in the lush banks surrounding several rivers.

The town offers the hire of ‘Whisper boats’, which are electric-powered crafts allowing you to drift your way around the village in peaceful silence. It’s really a relaxing and stunning experience.

Several caveats though, it is still a residential area and while they recognise that tourists are going to come and go there are still areas of the village that are private property and whose residents will not take kindly to you wandering up. It’s not too much to worry about, you’ll simply have to apologise and move back into the public streams and all will be well. Just don’t be surprised to have someone asking you to turn around. You’ll also have to respect the area like you would someone else’s property. Giethoorn’s primary attraction is its quiet and stunning environment. Littering or loud and raucous behaviour will be frowned upon and you could be asked to leave.

That being said, it’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, a whole day or even several (the village has a couple of B&B’s to stay at) and for those looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas can find a lovely and calm getaway on Giethoorn’s gorgeous waterways.

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amruta said...

Giethoorn is beautiful place. Amazing photos. I am surprised to heard that Giethoorn has no roads. Really it would be a relaxing & stunning experience. Thanks for sharing.