28 April 2009

It's Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan

Starting May 2 and ending on May 9, 2009 is the Tulip Time Festival that is celebrated in Holland, Michigan. For this year, they’d be celebrating their 80th year! The Tulip time Festival is indeed a unique and brilliant festival where you’ll see brilliant displays of up to 6 million tulips! Yes, 6 million tulips are used to celebrate this Dutch festival.

By May 1, they would already be kicking off the festival and there will be fireworks display to welcome the Tulip Time Festival. This festival is not just a display of tulips but it will also have 3 amazing parades, some big name entertainers will also be celebrating with you, there will be the Dutch Dance Performers and there are lots of awesome events such as outdoor concerts, Dutch market, some variety shows, music shows, children’s events and many more! It’s a fun festival and you shouldn’t miss it. The Dutch knows the importance of this festival and they make sure they get to have a lot of fun on this week long celebration.

Since it’s their 80th year of celebration, expect a more fun-filled and amazing celebration as it is indeed a special year. They will also be going Green so that’s something that everybody should follow so that we could help save our only planet.

Don’t forget to bring your entire family when you come to celebrate this festival. Mom, dad, and the kids will surely be having an awesome time. Kids have lots of activities to do where they could win awesome prizes and have lots of fun as well.

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Deedee said...

Very interesting. To be honest, I had no idea there is a Holland in the USA.
I like tulips and I think they offer a lot of joy in the springtime.