13 June 2008

Virtual Bridal Shows means you only have to book the plane tickets

I have to admit, I never realised how stressful planning a wedding is. That is probably because I am of the male persuasion. I too want everything to be beautiful and go without a hitch (on the rare private occasion when I imagine myself getting married), but this extremely rare and very manly fantasy does not involve any of the actual work required for planning and carrying out a wedding. That is one of the reasons I admire women. I accompanied one of my best friends on a wedding dress hunt that went on for hours and promised to accompany her on the next one. I lied. I fear that men are the lesser sex when it comes to determination, planning and walking.

Apart from going on the wedding dress hunt, my friend had to call up caterers, photographers, flower shops, hotels (the wedding was being held in Venice), reception halls, musicians, DJs and a whole army of other professionals with jobs I probably don't even know the existence. All this while working in the City (London), a very stressful environment.

I wish I had known about Online Bridal Shows so I could have helped her sit in front of her screen and organise everything from there. It would have been so much more convenient that trudging through miserable London weather, taking trains, buses and taxis, and then, exasperatingly, not finding anything in the end. Online Bridal Shows is a new and innovative way
for brides to be to meet with local wedding planners, photographers,
disc jockeys and other wedding professionals. Plus, and this is my favourite part of it, you can use the website at any time of the day.

For the moment Online Bridal Shows caters mainly to the US, however, it looks like they have plans to extend their network to Europe as England pops up in its Locations folder, albeit with no professionals yet. You are able to look up professionals in all aspects of wedding organising and see past work of theirs with 3D tours, photos and audiostreams. All you need to do is download the free 3D software and you can attend what is normally a chaotic event with hundreds of people running like crazy from the quiet comfort of your home. In fact, it might even elicit some help from your male friends, like me, whose legs get tired easily.

Now I'm off to read their Bridal Stories section in order to steal some guy's incredibly romantic way to propose and write it down in that little notebook I keep that nobody knows about. What? It's a manly notebook!


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