04 June 2007

Car rental services in Europe

Car rentals have always been a driving force behind the travel industry. Having the ability to move freely on your holidays revolutionised the travellers life and incentivised many companies to facilitate this need. Auto Europe is a specialist in searching for and booking car rentals in Europe. The company has 50 years experience in the field and it is unlikely you will find someone with more credentials to book your car hire from. Having said that, the website does not stop there. You can now book special deals, flights, hotels, train fares and cruises. Surprisingly the website also features cellular satellite phones and accessories.

There is an overall business to business feel to the website, perhaps because of the business format in the past but that should not stop anyone using it for their normal travel requirements.
I was particularly impressed by the booking engines speed and the overall site functionality.
Auto Europe is not due a design award but the simple and functional design helps the user to find what they are looking for fast and easy.

Having tried the car hire booking engine I have to admit that the choice and level of detail had me fully satisfied.

Auto Europe

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