05 March 2008

Paris: first choice for holidays

30 million people visit Paris every year to have a glimpse at the "city of lights" with its interesting history and the rich culture. Located in the River Seine, in north France, Paris has some magnificent monuments and many places of interest to show.

Every year, millions of tourists flock to see the beautiful wonders this city has to offer. Eiffel tower, that is one of the France's most famous landmarks and Paris' tallest structure, is open to public 365 days a year. Besides, the view from over there is simply breathtaking.

You can always enjoy a visit to Paris by doing simple and inexpensive things. Try French baguettes, sip your short blacks and walk everywhere, down the Paris' grand boulevards and then up again its hidden alleyways.

However, if you are of those who want everything to be organized when traveling, you can always participate in a Tour in Paris just to make sure you will not miss anything of this amazing city. Tours in Paris are offered now by Isangoo! with massive options for the visitor. This city is very popular tourist destination and the tours are booked really quickly. You can book early your Paris tour tickets online and avoid disappointment.

Moreover, with Isango! you can always choose between exploring Paris on a bicycle or taking a Paris Seqway Tour while enjoying sounds and sights of this amazing city.

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