29 February 2008

An easy way to search people

For those who are not familiar with the term ''search engine'', a very simple definition is the following: ''an engine designed for searching information on the Web". This information may consist of images, Web pages and other files.

One of the most famous types of search engines is the travel search engine that has made consumers change the way they research and book travel. On the other hand, growing online needs has forced travel search engines to grow in capacity and put more effort in the designing of their navigation pages to enhance their product's user-friendliness . In particular, travel meta-search engines no longer have a database limit, but can search lots of online travel websites simultaneously.

Likewise, people search engines are the ones that offer free people-search-locator tools to help you find the people you are looking for. Searching in a people search engine means that the only thing you need to do is to enter any information you have about the person you would like to find and then the engine will search on a wide database to display relevant results.

A good example of a people search engine is Spock.com which is a free people and information search engine that uses information from all across the Web and organizes it in an easy to search format.

In Spock.com - the best for people search- you can look for people by name, e-mail address or any other ''tag'' information, such as his profession or other personal characteristics. These tags are updated by any Spock member. In addition, opinions about a person can be voiced by voting on a picture or a tag.

People search engines are considered to be the next step in professional networking and resourcing. The easy access to a database with millions of users and the availability of information about them seems to have made a large impact in the business world already, with more and more recruiters and other professionals joining such online communities. Give a try; you can easily find out.

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Walk in Sydney's sky

It's not to wonder why Australia is consistently voted the best holiday destination in the world as well as the place people would most love to go.

Australia offers the perfect getaway for those seeking winter sun. The beaches all over Australia are world famous and popular amongst surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Sydney, Australia's oldest and sunniest city, is built around a series of natural bays and beaches culminating to Sydney Cove. The city also seems to cruise effortlessly through days and nights filled with numerous entertainment opportunities, memorable museums, sophisticated shopping and strings of beautiful beaches.

Additionally, for adventurous visitors, Sydney Skywalk is Sydney's newest outdoor viewing adventure. From the roof of Sydney you can enjoy open air 360-degree views of Sydney. While the glass-floored platform is moving at heights double that of the Sydney harbour bridge, you can view glittering Sydney beneath your feet from a new perspective. You can even face Sydney like never before by daring to step out over the edge.

Experts Skywalk guides accompany you while you are taking pictures and also provide you with commentary ensuring that the Sydney Skywalk will be the hotspot of your Sydney visit.

From Sydney's wonderful golden beaches to the famous Blue Mountains, Skywalk is a thrilling 'must-do' experience for every visitor.

Sydney Skywalk

28 February 2008

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong is one of the world's major business centres, Hong Kong is also a very popular tourist destination amongst European people. This tax-free, busy port and commercial centre comprises Hong Kong Island, the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and the many Outlying Islands.

As far as transportation is concerned, all means of transport are modern and well-organized and also most sightseeing trips and tours are completed the same day. For example, a tour of Hong Kong Island takes about four hours while one of the New Territories about six.

Other popular excursions include recreation tours as well as night tours such as a dinner cruise and a tour by tram with a variety of cocktails served.

One of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong for people of any age is Disneyland Theme Park. Visit fantasyland, a timeless realm of imagination and enchantment where happy dreams come true. Lunch into the future named Space Ranger, into a planet of thrilling adventures. Explore Adventureland and trek into the heart of adventure, mystery and intrigue.

If the above experience sounds like demanding a lot of time to be organized then you can take the easy way. Take the stress and uncertainty out of reaching Disneyland Theme Park. Enjoy roundtrip transfers from your Hong Kong hotel by using a deluxe air-conditioned tourist motorcoach. The shared transfer service departs from your hotel every 30 minutes from 9:30 to 11:00 and gets back at 18:00 or 30 minutes after the firework display.

Disneyland Theme Park

26 February 2008

Safari World is another world

One of the most famous attractions in Thailand that guarantees an entertaining time for the whole family is the Safari World in Min Buri, north of Bangkok.

Safari World comprises a Safari Park and a Marine Park and it's inhabited by a great range of Asian and African animals living in a natural environment and properly designed on show to visitors.

The Marine Park offers visitors spectacular dolphin and seal performances that are extremely entertaining not only for children but the whole family as well. Considering that the place is out of Bangkok, however you decide to attend the event; it will take you a while to get there.

Whether it's an exciting safari that drives you through amazing pictures and African wilderness settings or a thrilling fast-paced spectacular action, Safari World has it all.

Safari World in Bangkok

25 February 2008

Go cruising in Queensland

Queensland is a popular tourist destination in Australia and also a home to a multitude of tourist places such as the Great Reef, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, a great number of zoos and theme parks like Dreamworld Sea World, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo and Movieland.

For those who have a limited budget for activities, there is also the option of cruising. Mirimar Cruises is the oldest cruise company in the region of Queensland. For their operations they use the well-known cruise boat MV Mirimar that has served the residents and tourists of Queensland continuously since 1934.

This is a very comfortable vessel provided with full bar and other rest room facilities. The famous Wildlife River Cruise in Brisbane can take passengers 20 Klm up the Brisbane River on the vessel MV Mirimar. The cruise takes about one and a half hours including a full and pretty interesting commentary by the skipper. Homemade food and soft drinks are served out during the cruise. Passengers then can enjoy a two- hour visit to the popular Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary just before rejoining the Mirimar for a relaxing journey back to the noisy city.

Travel in Australia is like no other country to holiday on earth and Queensland is a place that makes your journey unforgettable.

Mirimar Cruises in Queensland

19 February 2008

Holidays in magical Florida

Holidays in Florida are all fun in the bright sun! This is the reason it is commonly called the Sunshine State. You could even say it is the birthplace of characters and mysterious lands, thrills and spill.

Orlando in Florida is one of the most attractive and full of action cities where you can find plenty of stunning resorts to stay. A half hour drive north you will come to the real Orlando with its history, business district and lots of good bars and restaurants.

If you head west though, you meet a coastline swathed with golden beaches. Further south you can find chic Naples as well as the Evarglades National Park home to wildlife such as crocodile and manatee.

Moving to west, you find Miami where you will definitely have a great time with its art-deco heritage and Spanish influences.

When it comes to accommodation, Florida Resorts offer great value to the visitors who want to get the most of their holidays. CRSHotels is a good example of those resorts offering high quality in accommodation with a long experience in flexible booking.

They specialize in working with independently owned and managed hotels that offer great value, location, services and amenities. Besides, they select hotels to work with that vary in terms of style and preferences such as boutique and specialty resorts. Also, offering hotel rates and special deals at selected familiar brand hotels they achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Unlike many online hotel reservation sites, CRSHotels.com does not require prepayment. The customer pays the hotel directly, according to individual hotel's payment policy. In addition, they don't charge change or cancellation fees. Likewise, when it comes to bookings revision or cancellation, the hotel apply its own individual cancellation policy, without incurring a penalty fee.

Great value, high quality, best deals...what else could one ask from a holidays resort?


15 February 2008

To Dubai with Silverjet

Dubai's rapid growth started 20 ago and its economy was built on the back of the oil industry. Today, Dubai is the financial capital of Middle East and an important tourist destination. As compared to other emirates of UAE, oil income represents a small proportion of Dubai's income. Its economy is mainly based on financial services, real estate and tourism. Post- petroleum Dubai is going to be in good shape.

Dubai is far more than a business centre. It is also blessed with golden beaches attracting millions of visitors every year. From the lively city centre to the tranquility of desert, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors. Dubai is a luxurious place. Famous for its hotels, beaches, malls and any other kind of entertainment options you can think of.

On the other hand, flights to Dubai should comply with the rest of your trip. Luxury and comfort are the two main things that you should be after. Silverjet offer daily flights to Dubai and promises an unforgettable trip. The service either before taking off or after is of perfect quality. You check in 30 to 45 minutes before flight, you wait in the private lounge and then you travel in comfort. You are offered delicious food, you sit on comfortable seats and you are taken of amazing care.

Undoubtedly, this airline company knows how to treat its customers.

Tuscany luxury breaks

Tuscany- one of the 20 regions of Italy- is well known for its landscapes and its artistic legacy. Possibly, the greatest repository of fine art in the world, in Tuscany you can find a wide range of extraordinary paintings and sculpture as well as frescoes and architectural masterpieces.

Due to this artistic beauty concentrated in this place, visitors come in Tuscany from all over the world in search of fine art or explore the extraordinary countryside. There are also many other reasons to visit this stunning place such as its special Italian dishes escorted by the finest wine which is produced by award winning Italian vineyards.

For those who want to live an ultimate holidays experience, there are companies offering a wide selection of luxurious Tuscan villas for rent. TuscanDream, for instance, offers a great range of beautiful villas for rent that are carefully chosen to guarantee their guests an unforgettable holiday experience, in this corner of paradise.

However Tuscan villa rental is not the only service that the company provides as they also specialize in offering assistance in organizing traditional Tuscan weddings having professional staff with long experience in staging local weddings.

Even if your wedding time is not close, Tuscany is always a worthwhile place to explore.


Romantic getaways!

Nothing can put people in the mood for love like travel. There are places in the world where romance is not just promised; it's guaranteed.

Two of them are suggested here:

Romance and Paris go hand in hand. Paris is a stunning European city and one visit is never enough. There is a personality, quiet sophistication and flair in this city and the rest of France that can't be found in any other major city in the world.

Getting around Paris is easy as accommodation is plentiful and prices relatively low. Regarding French cuisine, French dishes are really famous not only amongst European people but worldwide as well. On the other hand, culture, history and attractions are overwhelming for many travellers who visit Paris for their first time.

Additionally, although summers are quite sunny in Paris, the best time to visit it is either in the late spring or in the early fall. However, many people choose Paris for winter holidays that although rainy and cold, it's a great romantic time to visit Paris.

Venice: This city is one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. Even though it's slowly sinking into Adriatic Sea, it will capture your heart from the very first moment like no other city in the Europe. The romance brought by this ancient port city of centuries old buildings, canals and bridges will make your romantic Italian holidays unforgettable.

However, it's needless to say that whether you can go romantic holidays or not, if your loved one really loves you, he or she would be happy even with just wedding favors :)

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A company that cares about you

People are passionate with travel and try to find ways to take a break from work and daily routine. On the other hand, there are people who are lucky enough to work in positions that send them on business trips. For many of you this is an ideal job.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. You wake up early in the morning and you head to Heathrow airport. Although you fly business class, first you queue to check in and then you wait in the lounge with the rest of the ''business crowd''. You land in New York, you attend a lot of boring meetings and then you return to the airport. If you are lucky enough you might stay for a couple of nights. Flights to New York are not pleasant when you miss all the fun of Big Apple.

However, there are companies that take care of their customers' needs. Silverjet is an example of an airline that offers high quality services. Simply put, this company knows how to make your long trips hassle-free.

A luxurious car arrives at your place and takes you to the airport. You don't need to queue and you check in 30 to 45 minutes before departure. Finally, the flight experience is remarkable. You get excellent quality food, in-flight entertainment and most importantly after a hectic day, a good sleep. The flat beds are very comfortable and the cabin crew wakes you up just before landing.

I think people should start believing in fairytales again. Give it a try, make your life simpler.

14 February 2008

Alice in USA

USA is amongst the places that are recommended for an ultimate holiday experience. Combining a number of different delights, USA can satisfy the most demanding visitors.

However if you don't want to waste your valuable holiday time searching what to do and where to go you need to organize your time well. You can participate in escorted tours which offer an effortless, high value and sociable way to discover your favourite destinations. This is also an ideal choice for those who don't have time to see much without the hassle of arranging their own transport.

Additionally, for those who love ranching and adventure, America's rugged western territory is a great destination to enjoy. On the other hand, a rail journey is another way to view some of the most spectacular scenes America has to offer.

City breaks and luxury hotels come to complete the ''multiple'' experience as USA is a fantastic place for shopping, pure relaxation and entertainment all of which being incredibly accessible. Go shopping at some of the most popular malls worldwide, walk down the high streets and taste the famous American bulk candy sweets.

Under the American Sky you may feel like Alice in Wonderland!

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10 February 2008

Crisis in Kenya's tourist industry

The election of President Mwai Kibaki on the 27th of December brought on violent incidents in Kenya. It forced most of UK tourists, who intended to spend their summer holidays there, to cancel their charter flights and hotel bookings.

For Kenyans their land was not only a snapshot of paradise but also the mainstay of local economy. Kenya's tourist industry normally accounts for 15% of GDP, but high rates of cancellations will leave hotels empty and thousands of cleaners, bar staff and tourist guides with no income. In real numbers, violence resulted in 20,000 hotel workers loosing their jobs.

Jake Grieves- Cook of Kenya's Tourist Board states that the massive decrease on the number of tourists will bring a revenue loss of about £126m claiming that ''This is the worst crisis the local industry has ever faced''.

The government, in an effort to calm tourists fears, stated that violence is fading and the situation is not what you see and what you hear in world media.

08 February 2008

Visiting the “Top of the World”, aka ICELAND

I will be visiting Iceland on business for the third time soon, however in the first two trips I had the opportunity to explore some of this enchanting island and meet many of the people living there. In fact it made the trip feel more like a holiday than work.

With our busy schedule we were only able to wander around for 4 days, but those four days were enough to make me really appreciate the land of “fire and ice”. There were two outstanding trips we took while we were there, one to the Icelandic highlands and one to the Blue Lagoon, a world renowned spa.

The trip to the highlands is something of a trek, although there are buses that will take groups into the vast expanses of volcanic rock fields, but I much preferred riding in a gigantic 4x4 (the vehicle of choice of any Icelander worth his metal). As soon as you leave the asphalt you have a sense of leaving civilisation behind. The terrain becomes more and more desolate. All that was missing was some Hobbits and it would have felt like travelling to Mordor. About 10 minutes after having left the road the last of the tundra disappeared and we were surrounded by black volcanic rock, some of it glassy and some of it porous, all of it beautiful. Soon afterwards we drove into a thick mist, caused mainly by the small geysers all around us. Signs popped up in the middle of a petrified lava fields pointing to far away glaciers and shelters in the middle of nowhere, on a non existent track. After a short break to examine the rocks and the local Viking beer, we hopped back into the jeep, however these brief stops were to continue all the way to the shelter.

The first stop was for us to see a small waterfall cascading over glassy black rocks, forming a small pond with a bright red sulphuric shore, a reminder of how much energy is locked away a few hundred meters under our feet. Our next stop proved to me much more impressive. Reaching the top of a small hill our jaws dropped at the sudden burst of colour. We were in an area with many small geysers and the warm water helped plant life develop in the area. Hills climbed and dropped, covered with green, yellow and orange moss, streaked with the rusty red of the sulphur painted rock. All around us steam broke through the ground and water bubbled. Siggy, the guy who invited us on a the trip (after only having met us a couple of days before), warned us not to get too close because people have fallen into geysers and there are much better ways to go than to be scalded alive.

Our third stop was breathtaking. We were just getting used to colours reappearing around us when, upon reaching the top of another hill, we looked down to see a lake surrounded by other hills covered in soft green moss. The cleanest most serene lake I have ever seen, surrounded by the blackest rocky shore, with a small hill protruding from the middle of the lake. Such an unexpected sight in a place that feels that desolate. There was a sudden realisation that we were far from civilisation at that moment. The absolute quiet, no animals, no cars, no people, even our own voices did not carry very far. I ventured down to the lake while Siggy and the others enjoyed another cold one at the top of the hill. Looking back at the top I could see 4x4 and off road motorcycle tracks scarring the green hills. Civilisation was not as far away as I had thought. Siggy later told me that that was the sort of thing that really pissed him off as it takes years and years for the moss to grow and kids in their vehicles like to ride up and down destroying them. I also noticed sheep, solitary or in pairs dotting the hills. Apparently they are left to roam the highlands free and when the weather becomes worse the herders all get together on their horses and spend a couple of weeks drinking and rounding them up. It is beyond me how they manage to find them or catch them as there was sometimes a distance of 1-2 miles between any two animals.

Finally, after the lake we arrived at the shelter, which was located just below what I thought was another hill. After paying closer attention I noticed that this was in fact a petrified lava field. Molten lava had poured out of a volcano decades ago and you could follow its path as it washed over the land, only to solidify after cooling, like a frozen wave. The closer you got the more detail you could make out. Walking into the lava field, that rose to 4-5 meters on either side of you, was like entering a maze made of black glass. It’s an unsettling surrounding, sharp dark rocks that look as though they should reflect light, but in fact absorb it all. We climbed to the top, passing “highland chickens” (a type of grouse) and more sheep to reach the moss and mushroom covered top. We sat on the moist vegetation that felt like a quilt and looked at the ever present rainbow springing from a now silent volcano, covered in pink and red streaks, like somebody had had fun with it in Photoshop. It struck me as unbelievable that places like this, silent and beautiful, and yet so simple, could exist and that I was actually there.

There was a stream running alongside the shelter, with wooden decking leading to a small platform with steps leading into the water. It is surreal to see people in bikinis in the water when the temperature is about 6 C. But it was not time for us to join in yet. After preparing a barbeque with lamb and jacket potatoes we went to our room at the top of the shelter and had dinner, and yet more beer. It was nice and toasty in the room, very cosy in the candlelight as the electricity was being conserved and at 9pm all the light had completely disappeared. It was at 9:30pm that Siggy thought it would be the best time to jump in. We were a funny sight in swimming shorts and skiing jackets and hiking boots, walking in the dark next to a wall of steam rising from the stream. We got to the platform and quickly undressed and stepped into the stream . The water was at 35 C. It is difficult to understand at first, confusing for the body. You feel as though you are entering a gigantic bathtub.

The pebbles at the bottom are hot and round and bubbles rise from between them. As we sat in the dark, the light from jeeps arriving creating enormous shadows from rocks or wooden stakes reflected on the steam, Siggy felt compelled to share how amazing he found it that only 200 meters beneath us there is a whole sea of lava bursting to get out. In this horror film setting it did make me somewhat paranoid, but prone as I am to paranoia, it was not enough to get me to leave the warmth of the water and walk, dripping wet, onto a platform where the air’s temperature was below zero. Eventually I did get our and sat on the wooden decking, while, surprisingly, the rising heat from the water dried me off completely. I am not sure if it would have been better to have visited in the summer when at 9pm everything would have been bathed in a twilight that lasts until morning some 4-6 hours later.

Needless to say, nothing disturbed my sleep that night, not even the incredibly loud snoring from one of my travel companions. The dark, the silence and the warmth put me straight to sleep. The next morning we watched a group of elderly German and French tourists walk into the lava field maze and disappear, on a weeklong trek that would take them through the lava fields to one shelter after the other and a series of hot springs and silent volcanoes.

As we drove back to Reykjavik, through fields of moss, volcanoes, streams that came up to the jeeps doors and glassy rock, I felt nostalgic and relieved to leave it all behind. Our final stop before returning was at a massive waterfall where all the streams converged into a river that emptied into the Atlantic. The cliff side at the waterfall was bordered by rusty wires, what you might find on a WWI trench. Drops lingered from the spikes. Similar to the island itself, with its forbidding beauty, a warning of the power nature has hidden away, like a champagne bottle that’s been shaking all day.

07 February 2008

A guide to explore Europe by train

Touring around Europe has lately become a popular holiday's choice for many travellers. Instead of visiting a single destination they can include many countries in the itinerary.

Exploring Europe can be cost-effective if you choose to make the journey by train. Perhaps even more pleasant as you can enjoy the scentic views. Some of the most popular destinations to stop and spend a day exploring the city are suggested here:

Warsaw, Poland: Although the Poland's capital was destroyed during the World War II, the city was rebuilt in the late 50's. In the Old Town, which is on the Unesco Wolrd Heritage List, you can explore St Paul's Cathedral and the stunning buildings all around the square. Also, the Hybrydy club is recommended for a night out.
Where to stay: hotels in Warsaw
How to get there: get on 19:34 Eurostar from London to Brussels Midi. Connect with an overnight Deutche Bahn NachtZug train directing to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Then get the connecting service that arrives at Warsaw Centraln at 18:35.

Malaga, Spain: Malaga is not only the capital of Costa del Sol but also one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations. The Alcazaba Moorish landmark is a 14th-century castle, having also a Roman theatre at foot of the fortress.
Where to stay: Hotels in Malaga
How to get there: Get on the 1404 Eurostar from London to Paris Nord. Change train to Paris Austerlitz and connect to overnight Elipsos train directing to Madrid Chamartin. Change again stations to Madrid Atocha, and get on the connecting AVE service to the final destination Malaga which arrives at 13:15

Naples, Italy: South Italy's largest city is endued with panoramic views from Mount Vesuvius to the Med. It is worthwhile visiting the Napolitan National Gallerie and the National Museum which houses one of the world's most important archeological collections, with statues by Greek masters Prassitelo, Policleto and Lisippo.For pizza time, go to Trianon a Forcella or Da Michele.
Where to stay: Hotels in Naples
How to get there: Get from London the 14:04 Eurostar to Paris Nord. Get off in Paris Bercy and change train for an overnight Artesia train to Roma Termini. From here, the Eurostar Italia will take you to Napoli Centrale that arrives at 12:12.

Prague, Czech Republic: This vibrant city is one of the most important travel landmarks of Central Europe. A city of cathedrals, wonderful bridges and gold-tipped towers as well as the Old Town is a wonderful mix of cobbled roads, church spires and courtyards, while in the New Town all around Wenceslas Square you can find many stalls, restaurants and shops. The fabulous Prague Castle built in the 9th-century is the biggest ancient castle worldwide.
Where to stay: Hotels in Prague
How to get there: Leave London getting the 19:34 Eurostar directing to Brussels Midi. Go to Berlin Hauptbahnhof by connecting with an overnight Deutche Bahn Nachtsug train. From there get on a service that connects you to Prague Holesovice and arrives at 13:18.

05 February 2008

Silverjet on a winter high

Rumours have it that Silverjet has had a vey strong month in sales. Several factors have contributed.
  • MaxJet has fallen, giving many customers away to Silverjet, not wanting to opt for the main carriers or Eos.
  • British Airways OpenSkies launch really backs the Silverjet model and further increases competition but also brings much needed publicity. The market seems big enough for everyone.
  • Silverjet has improved in many ways. The product has improved with new ultra flat seats and services are running smoother. The Dubai route has been a success and the company should be looking to now further it's reach in new destinations.

No question the market is tight for profits but OpenSkies came out to compete with players like EOS and Silverjet.

Is it a story of the big guys coming out to play with the little guys or is this turning into a race for delivering more value at an affordable price?

Price War in Business Class Fares - British Airways

The most profitable of all airfares in the travel industry, are the trans-Atlantic business-class fares. That’s the reason competition is getting steeper by the minute, forcing fares to vary significantly. Moreover, fare (or fair…) pricing is expected to become even more complicated as competition continues to grow and demand holds up.

Now, we have all noticed in the last couple of weeks, that British Airways is on fire – making one announcement after the other. The latest news from coming from its board of directors is that there are plans to start a new, business class-only route. The new route will operate twice ad day starting from the following year and will be flying between either Newark (New Jersey) or Kennedy (New York) and London City Airport.

The fleet will consist of Airbus A318 planes, which normally can accommodate up to 110 passengers, but have only 32 seats that covert into flat beds – an once-upon-a-time luxury that is rapidly becoming a must-have-feature, especially when it comes to long-haul business class flights. Now, it is a good time to mention that, what is most remarkable about this plan is that British Airways already flies eight times per day between London Heathrow airport and Kennedy – New York airport. Plus an extra three times a day between Heathrow airport and Newark!

The obvious advantage of this all-business-class route is the location. London City Airport, which have not had any trans-Atlantic routes operating from its terminal so far, is 10 kilometres (or 6 miles), from the renowned financial district, City of London, and only 5(!) kilometres from Canary Wharf, London’s second most important financial centre (which is still growing by the way...).

The downside of this is the pricing. The competition in the business-class airfares has been intensifying ever since Eos, Silverjet and MaxJet (which after two years of operation has become defunct in December 2007) – three start-up-business-class carriers – started offering business-class flights between New York and London at prices considerably lower than the well-established major carriers.

Now, the ‘business’ facts are the following:

  • As I mentioned earlier in the article, while the competition has grown strong, demand in business-class seats has not followed the exact same direction.
  • Analysts believe that the price-war in business-class cabins over the Atlantic has just begun and is likely to shake the foundations of the existing fares, once and for all.
  • A lot more pricing options are expected to become available over the next few months.

So, to go back to where I started, British Airways new business-class service is going to have pretty much the same fares as its existing business-class service, called Club World, with flights operating between London Heathrow airport and New York.

“You can assume it’s going to be within the absolutely same neighbourhood,” said Woody Harford, the senior vice president for North American commercial operations of British Airways, in recent interview.

Of course London City airport is indeed in a nice neighbourhood, and close to work. But when it comes to cutting down on ridiculously high amounts of travel expenses – which is something that the financial industry which homes in the two financial districts that London City airport tries to target, will definitely take a close tomorrow, if it hasn’t done already! – I think that ‘other’ neighbourhoods might look as nice, if not nicer.

Examples of ‘other’ neighbourhoods’ business-class flight prices.

2 days notice, New York – London Heathrow– New York

British Airways: $10,658.37

American Airlines: $8,611.40

EOS: $8,617.84

Furthermore, on Silverjet, which has business-class flights operating between London Luton Airport and Newark, the price fare is $3,260 – down to almost 1/3 of the British Airways’ current fare.

So, what is it that feels them with hope? British Airways is obviously counting on its brand recognition – it is been voted, after all, Britain’s most favourite airline... again! But then again, I don’t think all of its cards are on the table yet, as only weeks ago, it announced plans to launch a new business-class-only airline, called OpenSkies. This, in turn, means that they might try to enter the low-cost-business-class airfares through a side door. A ‘cover’, maybe? It could be, that British Airways is concerned about any consequences on the company status if fares were priced more aggressively.

01 February 2008

Cancun in Mexico for dream holidays

Cancun in Mexico has been one of the most fashionable holiday destinations among European people. The several different faces this place brings together offer the natural beauty of what is so-called Caribbean paradise, the forest and the luxurious comfort of 5 star resorts. Fairmont Mayakoba and Aqua Cancun are vital resorts examples of what Mexicans call luxurious living.

For those who are minded to spend consciously there are plenty of hotels such as Oasis Palm Beach family resort and Spa or Catalonia Yucatan Beach which also offer utmost quality service but in more reasonable prices for the area's standards.

Need to point out that the resorts located in Cancun can please a great range of preferences a visitor may bring. For example, some of those resorts are built in places that have tropical forest backdrops while other are located in places no more than 5 mins walking from the open sea. Moreover, most of them overlook a large part of calm light blue lagoons for which this place has also gained lot of popularity.

For recreation and relaxation in places far away from Europe, Cancun is strongly recommended so as to stop you looking further.