28 March 2008

Palace of Versailles - A luxury piece of land

Paris always lurks at the back of our minds when thinking of a romantic weekend sneak out in the medieval city of Rococo art, drenched in mature wine, warm bread and foies gras.

While there are seemingly infinite choices of magnificent museums accomodating valuable collections and even more monuments ranging from medieval to neo-classic and baroc to gothic, there are specific few landmarks you should not miss out.

The Palace of Versailles is the one place where you can take a glance at the lavish lifestyle of the French nobleness, walk into the same endless corridors covered by equally endless portraits they were once walking. Under one roof, or maybe 4 that’s how many enormous houses comprise the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles, it is all the french grandioze and decadense scented by the rarest parfums.

Louis the XIV is said to have built the famous Palace of Versailles but many historians disagree favoring his predecessor Louis XIII to be the mastermind behind the ingenious planning of the secret pathways and doors. The 75-metre long Hall of Mirrors is awing, even a bit teriffying with 17 massive mirrors showing the monarch in different guises. The room is carrying amazing memories from all the pages of history created between its walls.

The gardens are nearly as stunning as the palace itself adding on to the feeling created inside, mainly by it constructivistic layout and amazingly confusing labyrinth. The marble and bronze statues scattered are designed in formal style as well as the geometrically aligned terraces. Additionally, the fountain show along with the music of one of the brilliant composers from the court of Louis XIV, is even more delightful.

Undoubtedly, Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular historical and architectural sights you must see in France.

Palace of Versailles Trip

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