09 March 2008

BA pilots give us an Easter Break

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) announced to our great delight that British Airways pilots will detain from going on a strike over Easter. However dispute is not resolved over the employment procedures for newly-formed transatlantic subsidiary, BA OpenSkies.

BALPA, representing currently over 3,000 BA pilots and thank god with a sensitive understanding of the certain travel comfusio a strike action would cause over the Easter period, announced: "Our row is not with the travelling public who will have worked hard for their Easter break," said general secretary Jim McAuslan.

So, lets get cracking. Although high pressure weather conditions make our morning wake ups miserable since beginning of March, it will start to warm up beyond mid month with high drifts into the Continent, and Easter should be very warm and sunny, with temps perhaps reaching 21c. That sounds so lovely, its was about time I unpack my favourite t-shirts.

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