07 March 2008

"I" for Italian Food

While Italian culture is associated most with a tempting slice of pizza and a mass plate of pasta, there is much more in the world of Italian cuisine.

Throughout the regions of Italy, the distinctive Italian cooking shines through in a wide range of eating habits and a selection of local ingredients. Moreover, over the years, Italian food has undergone changes as the meals used to be served in the pre-Roman era have both similarities and differences with the Italian cuisine of today.

Today, moving from north to south, you can see obvious differences in the Italian way of cooking. Each region carries its own traditions in cooking that reflects deep culture and history and a never ending supply of appetizers, main courses and desserts.

People though often wonder where they can find good Italian Food as there are many so-called Italian restaurants that serve out low quality Italian dishes. DITALIA family has set up an online company that specializes in distributing fine Italian Food. The company has been operating for more than 15 years and is now making the next step in providing superb customer service and superior Italian products.

The company can supply the most demanding customer with a wide range of Italian products such as Olive oil, Italian cheese, Salumeria, Sea food, Truffles, Herbs and Spices, Bread, Chocolate and Cakes, Espresso coffee and many other Italian delights.

DITALIA also offers fantastic Tours to Sicily aiming to take you into the true Sicilian food, culture and the land.

Furthermore, it suggests a selection of popular and easy gifts for any occasion. For Italians or not, this is a gift that would please even the most demanding friend.

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