31 March 2008

Fall in love with Dublin...

Famous for its literal history, Dublin is Ireland's capital and home to many brilliant writers. From James Joyce to Jonathan Swift and William Butler Yeats, Dublin has been the birthplace for many historical faces.

In Dublin, the visitor can explore both the historical side of the city and the hip, from churches and castles to clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Take part on a hop-on-hop-off Dublin tour and discover the city and its main attractions such as the Dublin Castle, St Patrick's cathedral and the Guinness official merchandise store.

The Dublin tour allows you to have a 24-hour pass for unlimited use of the Hop-on hop-off open top bus tour service. Besides, you are free to hang around the Trinity College and the St Patrick's Cathedral so as to get a glimpse at its English gothic architecture as well as into the history of the greatest cathedral in Ireland.

You can also experience firsthand whiskey-making at the Old Jameson Distillery. The Jameson Bar is there to serve out pure Irish whiskey.

Keep in mind...you don't need to get drunk in order to taste some of Dublin's finest delights.

Dublin Hop-on-Hop-off Tour

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