04 March 2008

The cultural side of Taipei

There are places of scenic and cultural value in China that are a precious and invaluable part of the world's cultural heritage.

Taiwan is one of these places that form the centre of Chinese culture and art. This is obvious from the extensive collection of cultural relics from historic dynasties exhibited in the National Palace Museum. It could also be perfectly illustrated by the folk art and traditional architecture found in Taiwan.

Lin An-Tai Historical Home is a vital example of the architecture preserved in some of the traditional houses in northern Taiwan. This is a traditional Chinese courtyard house and offers an exceptional glimpse into life in China's history.

Visiting Taipei you can go touring at places that are famous for their rich culture such as Lin An Historical Home. Later you can see Pao An temple which is considered one of the Taipei's oldest temples, built 230 years ago. The Tour also includes a walk on Dihua Old Street that is historically symbolic and well-preserved streets in Taipei. Although it is one of the oldest streets in the city, it is still very active to this day.

Taipei Cultural Tour

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