30 March 2008

Luxury appartments Magica Venezia

A city that comes under many names, City of Water, City of Bridges, City of Light and a few other maybe not so ostentatious. I am being a bit sarcastic and I shouldn't because Venice is one of my favorite European cities. It is located at the northeast part of Italy expanding over the 110 islands of the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea.

The city is famous rather for its originality (well, there are not a lot of cities with a floating cemetery) and architecture and not its nightlife. Therefore, your accommodation options are quite different than your ordinary European destinations. Of course the city is affluent in small clean hotels, which charge though quite a sum of money regardless of the period. The best option in terms again of originality but also value for money are the various villas , and fantastic apartments available for rent out. Magica Venezia, Apartments for Rent in the centre of Venice, Italy is an agency that
illuminates your options, making your accommodation selection even easier and definitely more glamorous than booking a hotel.

I felt really comfortable viewing the agency's homepage which cleverly offers many language options, showing off a bit the obviously multicultural clientele. So, first impression is great as I it takes you straight to the properties available, which are spread out next to famous sights like the Rialto, Canal Grande and Piazza San Marco. The choices include a selection of luxury apartments on very sensible prices, for all budgets, ranging from £200-£500.

If you fancy waking up in the morning and taking breakfast overlooking Piazza San Marco from an amazing wooden floored terrace I would go for the Correr, offering space for 4 for £320 per night.

The diversity of travellers mentioned above is reflected in the diversity of the appartments available, and Magica Venezia offers services to cover most tastes. Identifying the most suitable is very easy because the online service provides all the necessary means to make it clear and easy, By the way I really liked the handy calendar with the available days for renting. Unfortunately Venice has not many cheap off peak days as the weather is mild and welcoming, don't forget the nickname "City of Light". Even you are caught in a pouring you 'll find shelter in many cafes and restaurants and you might have the chance to see Piazza San Marco flooded seating at your flat. It is definitely amazing, really, I have been there.


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