21 March 2023

The Truth Behind Online Holiday Reviews: Are They a Scam?

Picture this – you're excitedly browsing holiday destinations and accommodations for your next vacation. You come across some glowing online reviews that make a particular place seem like paradise on Earth. 

Tempting, right? Is this the spot where you'll create your most cherished travel memories? Or is it possible that there's a more sinister reality to these rave reviews? 

In this blog post, we're going to delve into the world of online holiday reviews to determine if they are trustworthy, or should be approached with caution. Whether you're a seasoned traveller, or planning your first big trip – read on to make better-informed decisions about your upcoming escapades.

21 September 2014

Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice 2014 Top Destination goes to ... Istanbul, Turkey

Users of the Tripadvisor website, which provides traveller reviews of all things travel related, have voted Istanbul in Turkey as their favourite holiday destination of 2014.

18 August 2014

New Holiday Destination: Austin, Texas, USA

Thanks to British Airways now flying to Austin five times a week from Heathrow, this Texan city is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination.   In 2015, the number of people choosing to visit Austin may take off even more due to a new star-studded film from writer and director Terrence Malick.

23 July 2014

Using Bitcoin for Travel

With the announcement that travel company Expedia are accepting Bitcoin payments for hotel bookings from their US customers, some people have speculated that travel may be the perfect application for Bitcoins.

09 June 2014

To Tip or Not to Tip

The customs for tipping vary greatly around the world.  The amount to tip, the frequency to tip and who to tip can change completely depending on where you are.

23 May 2014

Travel Insurance: When Do You Need It Really?

If you want to have affordable medical care options while abroad, then that’s when you really need travel insurance.  Without it, you might find yourself forking out thousands of pounds out-of-pocket.

20 April 2014

Car Hire Costs ‘Double’ In The Summer

Car hire mark-ups during the summer season can easily break a family’s holiday budget. In Europe and, less so, in the United States, these prices nearly double in the summer between June and August, increasing up to 176 percent, according to the UK website, Which?.

24 March 2014

Qatar Airways Launches The First All-Business Class Flights From Heathrow

Qatar Airways will launch the first premium all-business class service from London’s Heathrow airport to its Doha hub, starting on May 15.

17 February 2014

World Travel Awards

Established in 1993 to recognize, reward and celebrate exceptional services in various sectors of the tourism industry, the World Travel Awards is a globally recognized brand, marking a high standard of quality to which all tourist service brands aspire.

15 January 2014

Airport Connect Renewed for 5 Years by Schipol Airport

The first European airport to provide passenger processing with SITA’s AirportConnect Open platform was Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, which has recently renewed their contract for another five years. The future-proof SITA technology includes SIM-based NFC, which allows efficiency in moving through airport checkpoints via a reliable and secure link to passengers’ smartphones. With a simple tap of the smartphone, the passenger information of a standard boarding pass is read via “Tap n’ Fly”TM, a commonly-used applet, and the industry standard for NFC.