22 October 2006

Travelling to the Baltic States

You might be suprised to hear of the popularity of the Baltic countries in tourism in late years. Fast developing with plenty of luxury packages these countries are offering more value for your money than most destinations in the world.

So is Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia the new Monte Carlo?
Well, not just yet. However people are flocking in masses to take advantage of the developing economies, great service and an appreciative workforce.

You can find many different packages from various providers but might want to check out Baltic Travel Company that specialise in the area.
Best packages to try are for Latvia, St Petersburg or Lithuania as well as some general Baltic tours for the more adventurous travellers.

Baltic Travel Company

17 October 2006

Uber-cool Aviationados

Business Class Airline SilverjetHighly hyped low fare business class airline Silverjet has been making headlines for the past 2 months. Aquisitions, buying of aircraft, hiring staff and now a brand new website have made this airline's launch a badly kept secret.

Simplicity is the key. Added value business class service, catering for the most demanding of travellers with an affordable fare for flights between London and New York.

The offering combines flat beds for every passenger on board the spacious Boeing 767, a promised 30 minute check-in (excluding shoe search) and private terminals. The extras feature chauffeur drive, valet parking and station pick-up services with Silverjet going even further offering helicopter transfer if you are suffering from road rage or are allergic to rush hour.

16 October 2006

Hawaii earthquake affects travel

Hawaii travelReports on the web about Sunday's earthquake in Hawaii state that life is difficult for travelers trying to get home.

Hawaii officials said airports were functioning on Monday morning but most flights are still being canceled.

There are few departures out of Honolulu International Airport, where passengers and bags are being screened manually due to the difficulties experienced.

Sunday night, flights from the Hawaii to Lindbergh Field were delayed, and those passengers that did get out were often re-routed to LAX.

Luckily, no one was killed in the quake, and only minor injuries were reported so this is not expected to have a negative impact on the renowned islands tourism.