05 March 2008

Car Parking Nightmares for Britons

Finding a space is considered as the most stressful part of car parking. In a UK survey, 48% of respondents highlighted that "knowing where a space is'' would definitely make the process easier and simplier.

Female drivers though, find fitting into spaces harder than their male counterparts and would be much keener if they had someone else to park their car for them.

Very surprisingly, British drivers claim to have excellent car parking memory, with only 1 percent admitting that they always forget where they have parked.

However, there are many options for those who want not to struggle with car parking every single day. A common option is renting a garage or a private parking space on a rolling monthly basis.

Park Let is a marketplace for Garages and Parking Spaces for rent in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and many other UK cities. Rent a Parking Space does not only saves you time but also a considerable amount of money as rental prices are much cheaper than comparable season ticket, local storage companies, or contract parking.

The company offers 10,645 garages and parking spaces currently available for monthly rental.

With a Park Let contract you don't have to worry for parking again.


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