07 January 2009

Wataniya Airlines maiden voyage in January

Wataniya Airlines has set its first commercial flight on January 24, 2009. This newly established airline is based on Kuwait and its flights are primarily aimed for tourists and businesses who wanted to experience luxury travel. The route of the flight will be from Kuwait to Dubai. The airlines will fly to Dubai twice daily from that day on.

Aside from offering a luxurious travel, the Wataniya Airlines will also set history in Kuwait. Instead of flying out on Kuwait International Airport, the airline will be flying out of the Royal Terminal – the first in the country. This will ensure personalization of services and even ease of transportation.

The airline company will be using Airbus 320s but has been reconfigured to become a roomy aircraft for the passengers. Instead of the regular 145-seater setting, the aircraft will only have 122 passengers per flight. This ensures that travelers will have more space for themselves during travel.

Of course, the amenities are no less than world class. Travellers will have personalized in flight entertainment, an option to load their mobile media players and charge other electrical equipments. The seats are even suited with Recaro leather - all personally crafted for the airline. This type of seats is only found highly expensive luxury sports cars.

Aside from the additional office in Dubai, the airline will be closely working with Planet Group, Dubai's premier sales agent for airline and luxury travel. Through their tie-up, they are hoping that the maiden flight will be a success as this will just usher in a new mode of luxury travel in the Middle East.

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