30 January 2009

Goa - a place of contrasts

Goa is a well known state in India as it is one of the premier tourist destinations in the country. Compared to most Indian cities, Goa has been greatly influenced by the Portuguese which easily explains the historical structures as well as the religious orientation of the area. Although Catholicism is a minority here, nearly 25% of the city's inhabitants are Catholics. The area is virtually a melting pot of different culture as tourists around the world found the open and natural beauty of Goa to be highly appealing.

Goa is divided into two areas – the North and South Goa. In terms of culture and natural beauty, they are almost identical. Both districts have beautiful beaches, churches that reflect Portuguese influence and tourists from different countries. At least 12% of the country’s tourists visit Goa or prefer to visit there than other places in the country.

Aside from the bustling city experience in Goa, the other half or the inner-Goa features the rural life of India. This feature in Goa gives additional allure because it offers the rich city life near the shores of the districts while the rural life could be easily observed with just a few minutes of driving from the city.

The most expensive hotels in Goa are naturally found in the shore. Rent a room a few hundred meters from the shore so that you can enjoy great discounts. Although they are not first class, they offer basic amenities which will ensure you enjoy Goa. Just make sure you don’t end up in really crowded areas of the city as your security might be jeopardized.

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