15 January 2009

Red Sea cruise for less

As you depart from Hurghada on board the beautiful Harmony G, expect to have a great experience on board and while touring along Egypt on a 7-day Red Sea Cruise.

Harmony G has only 22 cabins and they have 16 members staff so you are assured you’d get a great service and be personally attended to by them. Just the ship itself is already worth the 7-day fun already. You can have a great dining experience in their classy restaurant while lounging in the inside upper deck. Or you can go and get your skin tanned on their sundeck. You can enjoy swimming on sea-water too with quick access on the deck.

Touring Egypt is a great experience as Harmony G takes you to Sharm el Sheik, Ras Mohamed National Park, Petra’s rock architecture and you tour the ancient ruins of Luxor and so much more. And in January you can get a very good price for your cruise.

In just 7 days you would feel like you’ve totally experienced Egypt but with style and sophistication. For sure you’d want to keep coming back for more from Harmony G.

With the 7-day tour, you will be given an itinerary as to where you’ll be going. The first day is the departure day from Hurghada, Egypt. On the second day you’ll be in Sharm el Sheik, 3rd day in Ras Mohamed, 4th in Aqaba, Jordan, 5th would be an optional day to travel to Petra in Aqaba, Jordan, the 6th day you’ll be in Taga, Egypt where you can visit the Pharaoh’s island and take pictures of the ruins there or enjoy swimming on their clear water. On the 7th day you’d arrive in Safaga, Egypt where you can also go and have the optional tour to Luxor which is one of Egypt’s most popular tourist attractions. On the 8th day, you’ll be going home with lots of memories and pictures to take with you.

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Anonymous said...

Really, sea cruises a good experience for natural cruises travelers and Hurghada is one of them.Egypt is a good place for natural travelling while you are on Harmony G .