04 April 2008

So, they think they can dance!

People who live in Paris say that a visit to Paris demands a night out at the Moulin Rouge!

The world famous cabaret is there to charm you with its glamour, glitz and a great variety of sumptuous dishes. While you are eating, an orchestra plays fine music until you finish your dinner and begin to see the show.

Whoop it up and have fun in the marvelous display of the excellent choreography, the exotic costumes and shining sets of the fascinating Feerie Show while enjoying your special dinner.

It's really impressive watching the dancers dressed in feathered costumes and dancing to the pulsating music. In this festive atmosphere, you will definitely discover brilliant folklores from all over the world. You will also be stunned by the real French Cancan, the acrobats and the talented clowns.

Moulin Rouge Show can definitely make you travel across the ages with its feerie performance.

Moulin Rouge Show and Dinner

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