10 April 2008

Bulk Jelly Beans from Ohnuts.com

Traveling by plane is an experience dealt with many different ways nowadays. Many of us regard it as a pleasant way of transportation, others enjoy the thrills it offers while a few suffer from frustration and anxiety attacks. A pleasant way to tackle stress created by flights is treating yourself with your favorite snack or aperitif. Thats why we frequently come across passengers getting drunk before boarding or in my case stuffing myself with junk food and falling asleep throughout the whole flight. A good friend of mine has a different “flight addiction”; candies and more specifically jelly beans.

So, on our last flight together I decided to surprise him by avoiding costly candy retailers and look online for a better deal. My most impressive result was ohnuts.com from where you can order in Bulk Jelly Beans.

Obviously the site offers an amazing collection of confectionery, dried nuts, sweets and candies. To be perfectly honest I am more of a chocolate guy and my options were great there as well, but the jelly bean page was just overwhelming. I didn’t even know that the humble candy comes in so many different variations.

Ok, I knew that they can be very colorful. But I doubt that even Willy Wonka would have come up with flavors like tiramisu, vanilla and grape. The options available include assorted bags and different sized candy; the whole site is totally out of Hansel and Gretel’s most amazing dream. At some point I started salivating without actually noticing why. The reason was that the corner of my eye caught the dark brown, chocolate flavor jelly beans and instantly alerted my brain without actually realizing their existence.

So, if you are among those who treat themselves with candy when traveling by plane or love spoiling your nephews when visiting I would definitely suggest it.

By the way, what’s your favorite flavor?

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