04 April 2008

Luxury Lear Jet Airambulance

We 've all entered or read about debates regarding how travel insurance will take away unnecessary stress and heafty cost if things go a bit off plan. Air medical support is an established service provided extensively. The next step was definitely obvious to many, nevertheless the project appeared to be cvery sensitive and complicated allowing no space for errors.

Positivity, hard, work and devotion are the primary values of a company which managed to provide an air ambulance service of top status and attention to detail. The team's expertise on medical flights and fligt physiology is of hospital standards amongst all flight paramedics and nurses.

Their qualifications and registrations are publicized and promoted through their website, making you feel easy and confident admitting your health to their hands and include:

  • ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

  • ICU/CCU Licensed Registered Nurses

  • Nationally Registered Flight Paramedics

  • Certified Respiratory Therapists

  • Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT)

Finally, a regulatory authority like FAA has approved their operation, which sort of sum things up as the service covers an great range of emergencies. I always enjoy a bit of involvement with the website so definitely found handy the lovely illustrations of Lear Jets and bits of information for your "life vessel".


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