02 April 2008

It's just Rome...

This so-called Eternal City concentrates some of the most breathtaking things you will find while travelling across Europe. And this is Rome...

From the Colosseum's gory resonance and the arrogant lavishness of the Vatican to the high speed of a Fiat Bambino and the bill for a café latte you will see that this city has something to say to every single visitor.

If you don't want to miss some of the top must-see themes you can choose to spend a day visiting the Vatican City, experiencing the papal audience and admiring the majesty of Rome's architecture and history.

On your way to Vatican City you will see many magnificent Roman squares and monuments that reflect the rich architectural majesty of an ancient era. The Fountain of the Naiads in the Piazza della Republica will definitely impress you. Comprised by the bronze statue of Glaucus (God of the Greek sea) encircled by 4 reclining nymphs, this monument will take you back to the Roman history.

On the other hand, Piazza del Popolo has been quite popular amongst visitors as in the centre point of the square you find the Egyptian obelisk of Ramses II with fabulous fountains all around the base.

As far as the papal audience is concerned, it is going to take place in the heart of Vatican. The faith and devotion of the gathering will create an unbelievable spiritual atmosphere you will have never experienced in the past.

Papal Audience at Vatican City

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