01 April 2008

A day out with koalas and kangaroos

It's needless to say that Australia is a holiday destination which is preferred by millions of people every year.

Unique animals like kangaroos and koalas are reasonably on the top of a tourist's must-see list as well as the deserts that make Australia the driest inhabited continent in the world.

For visitors who travel to Australia there are countless incredible sights to see except for the frequently-photographed Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Ayers Rock of Uluru.

You can always enjoy a brilliant day out exploring the Perth's well-known Pinnacles Desert which is an amazing landscape. The highlights included off in this exciting day is road-driving and sand boarding on massive white sand hills, touching and taking pictures of koalas, hand feeding kangaroos and viewing the beautiful native wildflowers.

Also, if weather conditions permit it, you will be driven to the Indian Ocean for swimming.

1 Day 4WD Pinnacles, Koalas & Sand Boarding

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