01 April 2008

Fly over NYC, fly over the world!

Whether you visit New York City for business or for holidays you definitely need to have an exploring sightseeing around this incredibly big city.

It's wide-known that New York City is mainly associated with the massive towering buildings that make the borough of Manhattan well-distinguishable from every corner of the city. In particular, the Manhattan skyline has been popular from the countless Hollywood films and TV series.

Perhaps the most famous building is the enormous Empire State Building which although is no longer the tallest, it still comprises one of the most visited buildings on the planet.

If though you wish to escape the crowds and the queues the only way is to be taking to the skies. From up there, you will be able to come face-to-face not only with Empire State Building but also with the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler building. Yet, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view of the wonderful Central Park.

The Big Apple helicopter ride over the NYC will take you over iconic structures and sky-rocketing buildings that will be like no other.

The Big Apple Helicopter Ride

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