19 April 2008

London Tube stay late

Underground railways systems are unbreakable links in modernised cities making millions include their premises in their every day urban existence. London Tube specifically, is a favourite for small talk subject, appropriate for most social classes through out the course of the day. I always admire people who refrain from rushing into judgmental comments because I, too, am used to the tube and I am trying to accept that it takes time to grow in you.

Sometimes though, I am getting confused and not only when most lines under-operate during weekends, but also to why it can't stay open a couple of hours later on Friday and Saturday. It shouldn't be too complicated, I mean the Germans are doing it in Berlin for years now, New York's Underground made the city insomniac and now even the Greeks will start!

So, lets put things straight; The Germans, who are known to never be in a hurry, find it easy and purposeful. The Greeks decided to work a few hours more while the weather is much better and taxis cheaper. And to point out the obvious once more, London, being a city of a huge workaholic population who commute every evening panicking not to lose the last train doesn't need one? Or do the poor students who afford to rent only zone 4 will afford a taxi back home?

I knew about Berlin's underground and still I felt left out. Coming across Athens' underground news though, was a bit too much to handle. I don't understand why there is this luck of common sense to approach simple problems Londoners face everyday.

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