26 February 2009

Must see in Moscow

Moscow is a very beautiful place to visit. There is so much to see and do there that it's easy to get overwhelmed on your first visit. After all, that is why most people come back more than once. However, if you can only take one trip for now, then there are a few must-see things in Moscow. Also, we will talk about what kind of food you can expect to eat there as well.

When in Moscow, you are going to find the Red Square right in the heart of it. This is, by far, one of the most talked about areas of Moscow. Here you are going to find the great State History Museum, and take a stroll down the black cobble stone roads. It really is a great place to see. From there you may want to make your way over to Lenin Mausoleum. Here you can see the great embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin. Although you can not take cameras or phones, it is still a must see. The fact that it's free to see helps as well!

If you are an opera fan, then you can not leave Moscow without stopping in to see the Novaya Opera. The tickets to get in are normally about 200RUB and the show is worth it. However, there is more to do in Moscow than just go to the opera. In fact, some of the best food you will ever eat is found right here.

If you are looking for food in Moscow there are a few things that you are likely to come across. First of all is Georgian cuisine. This is a must have when in Moscow. Do keep in mind that it is a bit spicier than Russian food, but it is still good. You are also likely to come across Japanese places as well. Moscow became big into sushi back in the 90's. However, one thing that you will not find a lot of is Chinese food. Moscow never really took to it the way that America did.

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