10 February 2009

Dream cruise to Fiji on Reef Escape

Fiji is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a truly tropical experience. Located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a collection of islands – each of them offers a unique tropical experience.

If you truly want to experience the best of Fiji, consider getting a cruise and in these islands, the best cruise ship to consider is the Reef Escape Cruise. Don’t be deceived by its small capacity. Even though it only has the capacity for 120 passengers their services and amenities is world class and highly personalized.

The Reef Escape Cruise will show you the best of the islands. Each stop is a unique experience that deals with nature, the local culture and shopping. It’s a family friendly cruise so you could bring everyone and enjoy the islands together.

There are two types of cruise you can take in Reef Escape. The first type of cruise is the Yasawa Islands cruise. The cruise will concentrate on the north western portion of the Fiji. You should be able to enjoy snorkeling, visiting different villages and enjoying local food. This part of the islands is composed of 12 islands which could be more than enough to learn more and have fun in Fiji.

If you want to explore Fiji more, Reef Escape could take you to the beautiful and remote islands in the north. You’ll be visiting Taveuni and Vanua Levu Islands along with the visit to the town of Levuka in the island of Ovalau. These places offer a unique experience wherein you can snorkel on top of clear waters with miles and miles of reefs and different forms of life underwater.

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